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Archives - News, August 2003

News: Sunday, 25th August 2003 - David

Motherboards & Graphics Cards
Gainward / MSI FX 5600 (Ultra) Review @ K-Hardware
Asus A7N8X-X nForce2 Motherboard Review @
VIA KT600: Gigabyte 7VT600 1394 Review @ AMDZone
Albatron GeForce FX5200 Ultra @ Dukgamers
VisionTek Xtasy 9800 Pro 128MB Review @
ATI TV Wonder VE Remote Control Edition Review @
Gigabyte GA-7VT600L KT600 Motherboard Review @ OCNZ
Soyo P4I875P Dragon 2 Platinum Edition @ The Tech Lounge
Albatron 5600P Turbo @ Nexus Hardware
NVIDIA Quadro FX 2000 Vs. ATi FireGL X1

Memory & Storage
TD Review: Cremax Icy Dock MB911-APGF and MB912-AP Mobile Hard Drive Racks
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 380GB SATA RAID-0 Stripset Article @ Modtown
External USB 2.0 Portable Storage Kits Review @ OCIA
Lite-On 52x32x52x CD-RW Review @ Techware Labs
OCZ EL DDR PC3700 Premier Dual Channel @ Viper Lair
GeIL PC4000 Platinum Series DDR Memory Review @ PCStats

:: BiT-news :: Scythe Kamakaze Heatsink and Fan
Zalman ZM80C-HP VGA Heatpipe Cooler @ SystemCooling
Coolermaster Aero 7+ CPU cooler Review @ 3dXtreme

Mods, Cases & Power
Aerocool El Badge Review @ AMDMB
Sunbeam Rheobus Review @
Vantec Nexus NXP-101 & NXP-201 review @ myWORLD Hardware
Spode's Abode: Chyang Fun Minicube
Seasonic Super Versatile 200 PSU @ Ohls-Place
:: BiT-news :: Nexus 300W PSU
ThermalTake PurePower 480w PSU @
ByteRunner's USB Sound Card Review/Mod @
Enermax CS-517LBFS-B+ Mid-Tower Case @ SystemCooling
"The WallComp" @ RheoBus v2.5 @ VoidedWarranty
Seasonic Super Silencer 400W PSU
:: BiT-news :: Chameleon Springs
Enermax 5.25" Panel Review @ OCC

Logitech Cordless Comfort Review @
Beginners Guides: Firewalls and Internet Security @ PCStats
Everglide Ricochet 2.52 Mouse Pad Improvements @
Designtechnica's System Optimization Guide 2003
Beginners Guides: Hard Drive Data Recovery @ PCStats
Warcraft III : Frozen Throne Review @ ARP
TheInq: Pricing for Athlon 64s, AMD migrates Athlon XP to 754 pins, AMD 754 Athlon 64 is ready to go

News: Thursday, 21st August 2003 - David

Video & Systems
Compro Poladyne FX5600 VGA Review @ myWORLD Hardware
Asus V9950 Ultra Videocard Review @ PCStats
Palit Daytona Geforce FX5200 Ultra Videocard Review @
Chaintech FX71 5600 Ultra Video Card @ IpKonfig
GeForce FX 5900 Shoot-Out: Leadtek vs. Abit @ HotHardware.Com
Silicon or Succotash, Memory Conflicts among three 875/865 motherboards @ Madshrimps
Gigabyte GA-7VT600 KT600 Motherboard Review @ HCW

Mods & Cases
RaidMax Scorpio 668 Blue Mid-Tower Case Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
Cooler Master Wave Master Aluminum Case Review
RAIDMAX 400Watt PSU Review @
:: BiT-news :: Zalman 400W APF PSUs
Seasonic Super Silencer SS-400AGX Active PFC Power Supply @ PCStats

Storage & Memory
MSI CR-52M 52/32/52 CD-R/W Review @ ClubOC
Atech Flash 9 in 1 Card Reader Review @
HWZ review: TEAC DV-W50D 4x DVD±RW
Highpoint RocketRAID 1542 & RocketMATE 1100 @ Viper Lair
Corsair TwinX512 PC3700 RAM @ SystemCooling
SanDisk Ultra ImageMate Reader Review @ Modtown
Corsair "Ramguy" Presentation, August 2003 @

Spire CopperStream P4 Cooler Review @ 3DXtreme
TR2-M4 X Blower Heatsink/Fan @ Bjorn3D
Cooler Master Aero 7 Lite CPU Cooler Review @
Vantec AeroFlow HSF Review @ myWORLD Hardware
Thermaltake's Silent Boost @ TechTastic
Tweakmonster System Memory Coolers Review @
:: BiT-news :: Waterchill Part Two

:: BiT-news :: The Black Icemat
3Com OfficeConnect Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Review @ Futurelooks
Building an AMD Based Computer System @ AMDMB
Coolmax Gemini Series CD-510B-U2 3.5"/5.25" Aluminum USB 2.0 External Enclosure @
DVD to DVD±R: step by step article @ Short-Media
PimpRig Review:: iCute X-Stand
Cowon Systems iAudio CW300 Digital Audio Player Review @ Computer Critics
IOSS RD2 Pro PC Geiger PCI Bus Multifunction Analyzer Review @ Rojakpot
Proporta Aluminium Case (Palm Tungsten-T) Review @ Futurelooks
Logitech Cordless MX Duo Review @ DesignTechnica
ZyXEL ZyAIR B-1000 Wireless Access Point Review @ OnePC.NET
Cool Gadgets from Cooler Master @ HardwareZoom

News: Sunday, 17th August 2003- David

With the Radeon 9800 Pro taking the limelight, the nVidia series of cards haven't really gotten as much exposure. NordicHardware takes on nine nVidia based videocards from four different manufacturers.

Want to do watercooling on a budget? The Tech Lounge checks out the Crossover Mission 5 Water Cooling Kit.

myWORLD Hardware has just taken a quick glimpse of the latest AMD platform solution from SiS, SiS 748 chipset.

These days there are so many cool fan and light controllers/sensors, it is really hard to pick which one to use. Cooler Master's Musketeer is their very own twist on the fan controller. So what's so special about this one?

Making your computer case look fantastic is cheap and easy with Sunbeam's line of UV-reactive Cold Cathode fans. Computer Critics takes a look at these groovy new mods and gives you the scoop. Not to be outdone, Tech Dreams also checks out some more products from Sunbeam Tech: the Sunbeam Stainless Steel Fan Grills and the Sunbeam Pyramid Fan Controller.

The geeks over at Ohl's Place check out the Nehemiah M10000, one of the mini-itx boards I would love to check out myself sometime. Anyone care to drop me one? :P

If you're the kind of person who does a lot of work on a laptop, with the laptop in lap, you'd better check out SystemCoolings review of the Lapworks - Laptop Desk Ensemble. It might save you from seriously burning you family jewels from too much laptop use.

Bit-Tech pops up with a mod-related article, detailing the working of Bliss-Unleashed. This is definitely one of the more interesting computer mods ever.

The Vantec NXP-301 Fan and Light Controller is in the labs, and while it has more features than its predecessor, the NXP-101, it still retains the basic fan controlling features. ClubOC gives you the goods. We've got one of these up for review soon as well.

PinoyPC posts up an editorial on the state of reviews, benchmarks and how overrated some of them can be. Definitely a good read.

Odds and Ends
Microsoft Optical Mouse Blue Review @ Modtown
Hercules Prophetview 920 17" LCD Monitor @ Tweaktown
Plextor PX-504UF External DVD Burner Review @ ClubOC
X-Super Alien Case Review @ OCC
Active Cool AC4G CPU Cooler Review @ ClubOC
Acousticase review @ RipNet-UK
Hercules 3D Prophet 9600 Pro Review @
Thermal Paste comparison @ TechWare Labs

News: Friday, 1st August 2003- David

MSI is well known for packing in a lot of features and extras into their products, and doing so at a lower price point than the competition. So, how does their FX5900 solution fit in? Viperlair gives you the skinny.

Viperlair also takes on some Corsair XMS4000 troubleshooting. We've got a set of that memory on the way from our buds at Corsair, we'll find out more on our end soon. takes a comparative look at 5 of todays most popular graphics cards: ATI's Radeon 9700 and 9500 and NVIDIA's GeForce FX 5600, 5200 and GeForce 4 Ti4800SE. Good read, especially for those looking to upgrade to a new video card..

875 and 865 goodness. Legion Hardware has just finished an article on four Intel Canterwood and Springdale based motherboards from Gigabyte and ASUS.

OCN checks out the Gigabyte 7VAX1394-A KT400A Motherboard. With the nForce2, I'd personally think the KTxxx series are pointless to have around. Still, some might find a use for these boards.

OCAddiction gets the weekend started off right with a review of the FIC Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB video card. This card looks to have some real potential as the OCA crew compares it to an FX 5600 and a GF4 Ti4280. How does the R9600 take the heat?

Speedy 3D has posted a review of the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 PCI sound card : "M-Audio is aiming this card squarely at audio enthusiasts in general at a price of about $99; gamers, amateur artists, and especially those who simply want the highest audio fidelity. The card is based on VIA’s Envy 24HT chipset which is designed for 24bit/192kHz audio output and recording. This processor can be found in a number of PCI audio add -in cards currently available and offers high resolution playback and recording for a very reasonable price, which in turn allows the OEM to pass the savings down to the consumer."

TweakTown takes a look at Kingmax's new DDR-433 (PC3500) memory in Dual Channel mode on a Canterwood motherboard.

Win A Gig Of RAM
@ The Tech Zone
The Great Escape Giveaway @ MonkeyReview

Odds and ends:
Tiger Miprocool Arctic @
Zalman CNPS6000Cu @ Enscape
Zalman fan controller
@ Bit Tech
Thermaltake Fireball Fan Review
@ BigBruin.Com
Nexus PHT-3600 P4 Heatsink
@ Pimprig
Stereo VU Meter Guide
Thermaltake Giant II Video Card Cooler
@ SystemCooling
A+GPB - CA-AP107 Case
iRock 730i MP3 Player Review
@ Modsynergy
iCute 0314TL-BS Case Review
@ Modsynergy
Athenatech A747-SS Case Review
@ MonkeyReview
CoolerMaster Musketeer
HP iPAQ 2215
@ FastLaneHW
Eumax Transfer Panel @ The Tech Lounge
Solarism Flex-View LM-1730 17in LCD Monitor Review @ Bjorn3d
Xoxide X-Elite Case Review @
Altec Lansing 2100 2.1 Speaker System Review @ Hardware Lab
Linksys EG008W Gigabit 8-Port Workgroup Switch @ EOC


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