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Archives - News, March 2003

News: Sunday, 30th March 2003- David

Enermax TecTroid A5 - Black @ DVHardware
Leadtek K7NCR18G Pro review @
Nikao Black KG8850 Series Case Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
Albatron Ti4800SE Video Card Review @ ReviewNation
Altec Lansing 2100 2.1 Speaker System @ Tweakers AU
Abit IT7 MAX2 Rev2 i845PE Motherboard Review @ PCStats
Crucial v Tyan : 9700 Shootout @ Bit Tech
System Guides April 2003 @ Madshrimps
Bjorn3D reviews SpeedUpMyPC
Impossible Creatures (PC Game) review @ TechTastic
DangerDan Maze3 Block LED Mod @ Modtown
PC Power and Cooling 510w Turbo Cool Review @ Maximum OC
Noiseblocker-Gladiator P4A Silent Cooler @ TecCentral
Vantec 6040H CopperX Socket-A HSF @ Viper Lair
AMD, Via team up in anti-Intel Centrino push @ TheInq
Eight secret facts about Nvidia's NV35 @ TheInq
Review: Nvidia's GeForce FX 5800 @ TheInq
HWZ review: Gigabyte G-MAX FB2CB v1.0
Command and Conquer: Generals Review @
Chaintech Summit 7NIF2 mainboard @ OCC
I-STAR TC-400R8A Redundant Power Supply Review @ ClubOC
80mm Fan Roundup @ AMDMB
Arkua 8568 P4 Heatsink Fan Review @
Titan VGA Pure Copper Cooler @ OCRIP
ClearPC Micro ATX Acrylic Case Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM

News: Sunday, 23rd March 2003- David

EPoX EP-4GEA+ i845GE Pentium 4 Motherboard Review @ OnePC.NET
Chat with NVIDIA and Bjorn3D
Essentec MT. BLANC-1Z Heat Pipe Socket A Cooler Review @ 3DExtreme
[] (Video) How to Install a Standard HSF
PCXmods Eels Review @ Modsynergy
'Melvine ''Blue Edition'' HDD VU Kit' Review @ Bjorn3D
SLCentral Improve Thy Mousing - Ratpadz GS Review
CHAINTECH 7NJS Motherboard review @
Directon Case Window Review @ SLCentral
Need For Speed - Hot Pursuit 2 Review @ SLCentral
Cooler Master HSC-V83 X-Dream SE CPU Cooler Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
12 Companies SFF Solutions - CeBIT 2003 Coverage @ Hexus

News: Sunday, 23rd March 2003- David

Cases & Cooling
Spode's Abode: Poseidon Watercooling Kit
Cooler Master ATC-610-GX1 @ Systemcooling
AMS gMONO CF-2029 vs CoolerMaster ATC-201C-SX2 @ Madshrimps
Antec LANboy aluminium case @ AusModders
Swiftech MCX4000 Review @ ClubOC
Zalman CNPS5700D-Cu Review @ Gamingin3D
IceePC Color Control Review @
Swiftech MCW5000-A water block @ IpKonfig
Cooler Master LED Fans @ VoidedWarranty
Koolance Exos Review @ MonkeyReview
Thermaltake Smart Case Fan 2 @ TechTastic

MSI CR52-A2 52/24/52 CDRW @ Viper Lair
BiT-news :: Yamaha CRW-F1 CDRW
Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 320GB Serial-ATA RAID-0 review @ Envynews
Firefly USBee & Translucent Flash Drive Review @OCAddiction
TX50 64mb USB Drive Review @ MikhailTech

Albatron PX845PEV Pro Review @ TechWareLabs
Epox EP-8RGA+ nForce2-IGP Motherboard Review @ PCStats
SOYO SY-KT400 Ultra motherboard @ Bjorn3D
VIA P4PB Ultra - P4X400 Motherboard Review @
HWZ review: AOpen AX4R Plus (Intel E7205) motherboard
ABIT BH7 MB Review @ Extreme Overclocking
HWZ review: MSI GNB Max2-L (Intel E7205) Motherboard

Key Digital XBlaster review
@ Envynews
Inno3D Tornado GeForce4 MX440SE 128MB Review @ PSA

CompUSA Window Kit & Case Cutting Tool @ MHW
PimpRig Review: Panel Wrap
Akasa – Emerald Green Mod @ SystemCooling
FlexGlow Dual Bubble Light Cold Cathode Kit Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM

DDR400 Dual Channel Memory Shootout @ AMDZone
PC2700 revisited @

New BIOS Optimization Guide Revision 7.5 Posted @ Rojakpot
BiT-news :: CeBit 2003
AMDs Move To a 400MHz Bus Speed - What Can We Expect? @ PCStats
SpeedUpMyPC Review @ ASE Labs
CeBIT 2003 @ HWAnalysis
PCXMods ZOOM Mousepad @ Modasylum
M-Audio Revolution 7.1 PC Surround SoundCard Review @
Intel Centrino and Mobile Computing Editorial @ ASE Labs

News: Thursday, 20th March 2003- David

Audio & Graphics
Chaintech AV-515M Sound Card @ Viper Lair
HWZ review: Gainward GeForce4 PowerPack! Ultra/700-8X XP Golden Sample
Samsung 172T Review @ MBReview

Modding & Cooling
Sunbeam Rhoebus Fan Controller @ PCA
BiT-news :: SilentDrive(TM) Enclosure
ATX Power Supply Retrofit Guide @ Xtreme Tek
Speeze CoolCat Combination HSF @ Legit Reviews
DangerDen Water Cooling @ Nexus Hardware
Aircooling @ the MAX, Performance & Silence Tested @ Madshrimps
Coolink U1L2 Heatsink Review @ FrostyTech
PimpRig Review: Sunbeamtech Rheobus

Processors & Memory
Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz Review @ Beyond3D
Corsair Twinx DDR Memory Review @ Tech PC
Corsair XMS3500 vs Kingston KHX3500 @ Bjorn3d
Nvidia K8 info @ The Inquirer
SiS 746FX Chipset Review @ AMDMB

Interview with Ambrosia Software @ HWAccelerated
MicroTracker Mouse Pad Review @
Power supplies comparison of silentmaxx @ TecCentral
Logitech's Cordless Keyboards and Mice Review at TweakHound
Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel Review @ TwistedMods
CoolMax USB 2.0 Drive Enclosure Review @ IAmNotAGeek.Com
Firefly USBee 128MB keychain @ Envynews

News: Tuesday, 18th March 2003- David

Vantec EZ-Swap Mobile IDE Rack @ Viper Lair
SVC UV Fans and CCFLs @ XtReMoDs
Mushkin EMS PC3500 256mb DDR @ OCTools
CeBIT pics @
A Buyers Guide To Power Supplies Article @ Extreme Overclocking!
Samsung SM348B Combo Drive Review @ Neoseeker
ViewSonic NextVision N6 Video Processor review @ Envynews
Crucial 6 In 1 Card Reader Review @ ClubOC
Tweakmonster EL Lightstrip Rev 3.0 - Contest @ Envynews
Thermaltake XaserIII (V-1000D) Case Review @
2x512MB Corsair XMS-3500 DDR @ IpKonfig
Tweakmonster's EL Applique @ OCW
HWZ review: Gigabyte SINXP1394 (SiS 655) motherboard
Sunbeam Blue EL Cable Review @ Mikhailtech
Thermalright SLK800U @ Systemcooling
SanDisk Connect Low Power Wireless LAN Card @ Bjorn3D
Taisol CMK702151A Copper Heatpipe Heatsink Review @ FrostyTech
New Revision 7.4 BIOS Optimization Guide Posted @ Rojakpot
Enermax 3.5" System Monitor Transfer Panel @ PCA
CeBit Coverage @ Beyond3D
Akasa Glow in the dark IDE cables reviewed @ BOPC
3aCooler Z-Bra HSF Review @ OCIA
Kingston HyperX PC3500 Review
Vantec Nexus @ Nexus Hardware
HWZ review: Sony Cybershot DSC-P72 Digital Camera
Sunbeam 5’25” Rheobus Review @ Modsynergy
BT82 Acrylic Case @ PCArena
Project Drosero @ Modasylum
Chieftec Black Aluminum Case Review @ Mikhailtech
Matrix Orbital MX212 @ IpKonfig
Skyhawk Matrix Case Review @ OCC
Swiftech MCW462-UHT Thermoelectric Cooler @ Systemcooling
Hardware & Software HWFaq aka The HWFaq @ Madshrimps
Does Bluetooth Work? @
Project :: Emubox @ BlaggedHardware
Bjorn3D Reviews MSI's GF4 Ti4600-8x
CoolerMaster Black Front Bezel @ DVHardware
TwistedMods Case Modding Seminar
ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Preview @ AMDZone
Elsa Gladiac 9700 Pro
Do It Your Self Fibre Channel Array @ AMDZone
Developer Comments on ATI's 'F-Buffer' @ Beyond3D
Lian Li PC-5 Aluminum PC Case @ Tech Dreams
TurboCase X-Dreamer Mid-Tower Case Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM

News: Tuesday, 4th March 2003- David

Games & Software
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (Xbox) Review @ GameAxis
Age Of Mythology (PC game) @ TechTastic
WinBackup by LIUtilities @ DWPG
SpeedUpMyPC by LIUtilities @ IPKonfig

Graphics & Display
Gainward Ultra/750-8X XP Review @ LegitReviews
Gainward nVidia Ti4800SE Review @
Reference GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Preview @ Beyond3D
Samsung LTM1775W HDTV TFT LCD TV @
MSI GeForce4 Ti4600-TD8X @ Viper Lair

Motherboards & Systems
VIA EPIA-M Platform Review @ ASE Labs
HWZ review: SiS 746FX Chipset
CubeSystemZ CF-S968 review @
Pro/News - AOpen AX4GE MAX Mobo Review/Comparison

Memory & Storage
1gb PC2700EL Dual Channel DDR Kit Review @ ClubOC
OCZ Dual Channel PC3200 EL DDR SDRAM Review @ Tweaktown
OCZ PC2700 EL Dual Channel Memory 2x 256MB Kit @ PCStats
Corsair XMS "Twin X" PC3200 LL PC3200 Review @
Crucial 256MB PC2700 DDR333 RAM Memory Review @ TechConnect
HWZ review: BenQ 52x24x52x Internal IDE CD-RW
Samsung DVD-V2500 Combo review @ Envynews

Water / Air Cooling Hybred Heatsink @ Moddin
Dynatron Crossflow Blower @ PCA
Vantec's 80mm Tornado fan @ OCWarehouse
Arctic Silver VS. Nanotherm Showdown @ LegitReviews
Spire Socket A Cooler Matchup and Give Away @ IAmNotAGeek.Com

Cases & Power
Skyhawk Aluminum AL4378D-SL Chassis Review @ TwistedMods
SS Warrior Aluminum Case Review @ OCIA
Mac Style PC Case Review @ Moddin
(Voided News) I-Star 400W Redundant Power Supply Reviewed

DIY glowing knobs @ Madshrimps
Sunbeam's Round UV Cold Cathode Fan Review @ TechDreams
AutoDeletePro UV Reactive Fans Review @
Cooler Master Black & Silver Alloy Bezels @ SystemCooling
Sunbeam's Laser LED and EL Strip Review @ TechDreams
Dremel Multi-Pro 395 Review @
Sunbeam Sound Activated El Cables @ MHW
Vantec Nexis NXP-201-SL Review @ Moddin
Crystalfontz 632 USB LCD Screen @ DVHardware
Antec 120mm Red LED fan @ AusModders
GPU HSF Removal @ OCC
Windowing A Linksys @
pcToys Mult-Function Panel review @OCAddiction
Thermal Take Aquarius II Review @ Xtremetek

Freebies & Promos
Win alot of goodies @ Madshrimps
Nexus Hardware Giveaway Continues!
2003 March Madness Blowout @ Extreme Alterations

Nokia Camera Headset HS-1C Review @ Modtown
Nokia 7210 Mobile Phone (Photo Review) @ Modtown
Ratpadz vs Icemat review @ DigitalInsanity
Xoap Caffeinated Soap @
Olympus C-730 Ultra Zoom digital camera review @ Envynews
Are AMD Mobo makers getting cheap? @ Viper Lair
The Book of Overclocking Review @
A Look at Hyper-Threading @ HWAccelerated

News: Sunday, 2nd March 2003- David

GeIL PC3500 256MB Ultra Platinum & Tweakmonster EL Lightstrip Rev 3.0 @ Envynews
Chenming ATX-301 PC Case Review @ Icrontic
RATPADZ GS @ Systemcooling
Voided Warranty gives a window and lights to a hard drive
Speeze 5E198B1H3R CopperKing CPU Cooler Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
Antec True 550 Watt PSU @ Nexus Hardware
Chenming ATX-301K Case Review @ OCCafe
Game Controller Roundup review @
Surface 1030 fUnc Pad Mousing Surface Review @ tweaktown
Tweakmonster Rev. 3 Lightstrip @ Viper Lair
Inno3D Tornado GeForce4 Ti4200-8X Review @ PlanetSavage
Trek 16MB ThumbDrive Review @
Logitech Access Keyboard Review @ MikhailTech
Sunbeam Laser LEDs @ DVHardware
High-End IDE Hard Disk Round Up @ HardwareZoom
AVC's Avalanche Heatsink Cooler @ TechTastic
EPoX 8K9A2+ VIA KT400 Motherboard @ MHW

News: Saturday, 1st March 2003- David

FIC AU11 Chameleon Motherboard @ Neoseeker
Shuttle SN41G2 XPC Reviewed @ HotHardware.Com
HWZ review: Shuttle XPC SN41G2

GeIL PC3500 Ultra Platinum Series RAM Review @ Extreme Overclocking
Crucial PC3200 256MB DualDDR review @ EnvyNews
DDR Ram Guide II Updated @ OCNZ
Corsair TWINX memory kit [2 * 256MB 3200LL] @ Hexus

Titan Aluminum Fans Review @ Icrontic
Operation Quiet PC article @ EnvyNews

Remembering February 28th, 1947 Incident @ GamingIn3D
Last day for the OCA Case Badge Contest
UV Fan Adapters @ PCA
Samsung Syncmaster 191n 19" TFT LCD Monitor Review @ MonkeyReview

And, some stuff from VIAARENA:


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