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Archives - News, May 2003

News: Wednesday, 28th May 2003- David

Bryan at OCC has completed a review on the Noise Isolator (SWFC-6-BK) Switch Fan Controller.

AMDZone posted up a review of the Seagate Cheetah 15,000 RPM SCSI hard drive. have just reviewed the Albatron KM18G Pro Version 2.0 MicroATX motherboard. Based on nVidia?s nForce 2 chipset, this AMD micro ATX board promises all the tweakability and options we have come to expect from Albatron?s boards, without sacrificing the dinky size.

PCStats checks out some Corsair TwinX 1024-3200LL Memory Review. We've got the 512-3200LL TwinX set here in testing.

The Palm Zire 71 handheld is one of the most versatile PDAs around... and for a good price. The new OS 5-based Palms are completely re-done both style and performance-wise. The Zire 71 features a Texas instruments ARM-based CPU runningat 144 MHz. Such speed really shows you what the Palm OS is capable of. Applications and documents appear in an instant. ModFactor has the goods.

DWPG.Com, in co-operation with the biggest overclocking site in Norway, takes a look at the latest and greatest from Corsair, the Corsair Hydrocool 200.

modTheBox reviews some of the latest Arctic Silver Céramique Thermal Compound. checks out the new Logitech Cordless MX Duo, man, i'd love this one...

Hexus has this to say: "The Zalman ZM80A-HP cooler achieves its aims of cooling even the fastest of current GPUs passively. The clever engineering, large dissipation area, and excellent heatpipe ensures that we can run powerful GPUs fanless. Installation should take you no more than 30 minutes, even if you do go slowly. If you want to quieten your PC, an excellent start would be with the Zalman ZM80A-HP cooler. It does everything it promises and looks impressive doing it."

News: Monday, 26th May 2003- David

Modded Kitchen Toaster PC How-To Guide Posted @
Samsung ML-1710 Laser Printer @ FutureLooks
CorsairMicro HydroCool200 Kit @ IpKonfig
Chenming ATX-301KE Silver Aluminum Case Review @
HWZ review: NEC VERSA S900 (Centrino) Notebook
HWZ sneak peek: Samsung's Matrix Reloaded Phone
Gaming Generations reviews Logitech MX700
NordicHardware: Intel 845PE roundup
Chaintech 9PJL Apogee Springdale Motherboard Review @ OCTools
Logitech Cordless Controller for PS @ EnvyNews
Minolta-QMS Magicolor 2350 EN color laser printer @ EnvyNews
SMC 802.11g WiFi Router review @ EnvyNews
EluminX Illuminated Keyboard Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
Thermalright SLK-900 HSF @ MHW
The Art of Overclocking; Is It For You? @ PCStats
Spode's Abode: ECS K7S7AG with Onboard Xabre 200
PC-Arena: MSI K7N2 Nforce2 Motherboard
Albatron FX5800 Ultra VGA Review @ OCNZ
Thermal Compound showdown OCZ Ultra II, Nanotherm Silver XTC and Nanotherm PCM+ @ XTM

News: Friday, 23rd May 2003- David

T-Break has posted some benchmarks on the upcoming SiS648FX chipset officially supporting the 800MHz FSB Pentium4 CPUs.

MyWorld takes a crack at CoolerMaster's CoolDrive3. More cooling for your hot hot harddisks. We've got one here too, expect a review of it soon.

ExtensionTech reviews the Lian Li PC-6010. Nice, but i'll stick to my trusty PC-12 :P

HWZ review the Intel Desktop Board D865PERL (865PE). The new Intel Desktop Board D865PERL is based on the new Springdale-PE chipset that supports an 800MHz FSB processor, dual-channel DDR400 memory, serial ATA and AGP 8x graphics. What's important is the board's pricing and performance that's well suited for the masses.

Adrian's Rojak Pot just posted a new editorial titled "The NVIDIA GeForce FX 5900 Ultra : The Real 5800 Ultra?"

HotHardware takes on the two fastest, most powerful 3D Graphics / Gaming cards on the planet and put them head to head in a performance analysis and frame rate shoot-out. The new 256MB Radeon 9800 Pro, with it's new Catalyst 3.4 drivers, takes on the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra. Boot up, dial in and game on brothers and sisters. This is 3D Graphics Hardware at its best.

The Overclocker Café has posted up a new cooler review. This go round it is on the Z-Bra hybrid (Cu/Al) heatsink. Sporting a new style in design in both shape and construction material ratios, it wasn’t exactly clear what to expect by its looks but the testing results were pleasantly surprising.

You have to recognize Antec as one of the leading case manufacturers of today. The overall layout and design of Antec cases are pleasing to the eye of the enthusiast, as well as to mainstream consumer. The fit and finish, engineering, and functionality coming from Antec is always leading edge when it comes to the cooling of a overclocked, or enthusiast built system. When ClubOC received this case for review, it was nice to see that even the people that know very little about computers appreciate the attractiveness of the Sonata's case design. Of course building a system with this case is more about what functionality or cooling will it provide from an overclocked system.

Hexus reviews the Springdale Shuttle called the SB61G2 - This is the latest XPC from Shuttle: "Performance-wise, the SB61G2 didn't disappoint with a discrete Radeon 9800 Pro hogging the AGP port. Performance was just where we'd have put it beforehand, that is, sandwiched between the Canterwood and i845PE (200FSB) chipsets. The very fact that such performance can be attained from such a little package is a bewildering thought. You can add whatever extra the cube doesn't feature by utilising the single PCI slot."

The Corsair Hydrocool 200 Water Cooling Kit gets the once-over at AthlonXP. Maybe Corsair will send us one of these to check out!

More Springdale goodness from PCStats, the Albatron PX865PE Pro II i865PE Springdale Motherboard. OCAddiction checks out the Abit IS7 as well.

News: Saturday, 17th May 2003- David

Memory & Storage
Memory Timings Analysis @ TechwareLabs
Samsung SM-352B CDRW/DVD Combo Drive Review @ MonkeyReview

Graphics & Systems
aTuner 1.5 @ 3DCenter
Gigabyte Maya R9000 and R9000 Pro Graphic Cards Review @ OCNZ
KT400A vs nForce2 vs SiS746 @ Madshrimps

Thermaltake Volcano 11+ @ PC Tech Zone
Zalman ZM-MFC1 Multi Fan Speed Controller Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM
VIA Aqua 1300 Pump @ MHW
Extreme P4 Air Cooling @ SystemCooling
D-TEK TC-4 Revision 2 Water Block Review @ MODTHEBOX.COM

Flexiglow Lazer Beam Kits @ ASE Labs
Double Shot of SunBeam 1 and 2
Connect a 240x128 LCD to a LPT-port @ Viper Lair
Iceberq 4 Video Card Cooler @ X-TremeModz

Cases & Power
A+GPB 450W Triple Ceramic Fan Power Supply Review @

MSI G4Ti4200-TD8X64 Giveaway @ Viper Lair

Soltek, Closer to the Inevitable? @ AMDMB
The New nForce2 Chipsets : New Or Just Retouched? @ RojakPot

The Home Entertainment PC: Part 4 Assembly @ Icrontic
GTA Vice City @ B3D
A day in the world of MSI @ Icrontic
LI Utilities SpeedUpMyPC @ TheTechLounge
PC Hardware reviewed the Qubs wireless WLAN solution

News: Thursday, 8th May 2003- David

myWORLD Hardware has just posted their latest review article on GAINWARD's latest DirectX 8.1 card offering, the Ultra/ 750-8X XP. The card runs on NVIDIA's GeForce 4 Ti4800SE.

Overclockers New Zealand has posted a review on Albatron KM18G-Pro nForce 2 IGP Motherboard: "From the benchmarks above, we can see that the KM18G-Pro is a bit behind in business and multimedia applications. However, it is as fast as its competitors under gaming situations." have just released a review of the Thermaltake Aquarius II Watercooling Kit. If you're tired of your jet plane like [insert noisy cooler name here] and have considered getting into water cooling, maybe this is the kit to consider!

eluminX sapphire keyboard review @ : "Some of the keyboards features are kind of subtle, like the fact that the keyboard stays lit after you power down your PC... The keyboard turns off it's EL after around fifteen minutes of system inactivity as well, a feature that will extend the life of the product, moving the mouse or touching the keys causes it to light back up... Also of note, when the EL does turn off it is not an abrupt thing instead it gently dims to off, subtle indeed."

Xtreme Tek has posted a review of the Dynatron DC1206BM-O CPU Cooler. The DC1206BM-O is a relatively cheap copper cooler that performs quite well.

Icrontic continues their five part series guiding you on the path towards Home Theatre PC or Home Entertainment PC (HEPC) enlightenment. In part One Micro-ATX PC cases were examined, how they looked and what they offered. In Part Two the Micro-ATX motherboard is reviews featuring the latest NFORCE2 technology.

The Madshrimps put CoolerMaster's latest heatsinks through furious testing, from low noise cooling to keeping cool an overclock AXP with 2v vcore! : "Coolermaster Aero7 (Aero 7) tested and compared to the X-Dream SE. To finish it of we slap on a 80mm Delta and see how this baby performs compared to the SLK800/900 and the older Alpha PAL8045 and Swiftech 462-A!" says, " With the Athlon XP line of processors from AMD moving to the new Barton core, it was inevitable that the Athlon MP line would step in that direction as well. With the release of the Athlon MP 2800+, the multi-processor line pulls within a hair of the fastest Athlon XP processor available, the XP 3000+. Keep reading as we see the advantages provided by the new Barton core over the previous line of processors. "

The PCToys VGA Maxx VGA Card Heatpipe Cooler gets the once over by the chaps at ModTheBox.

ATI's Radeon 9700 PRO has been available for some time now, but sales of the board are still quite strong. Despite numerous add-in board vendors adopting ATI's R300 chipset there has been very little in the way deviation from ATI's reerence designs, hence a lack of product differentiation. Sapphire introduced one of the more interesting configurations of 9700 PRO and Beyond3D checks out what the Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9700 PRO Ultimate Edition 128MB has to offer.

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