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Archives - News, November 2002

News: Friday, 29th November 2002 - David

Abit BG7E (i845GE) Review
Sharp Zaurus SL-5500
Soltek SL-85DR3 (Intel 845PE) Motherboard
Jab-Tech Chieftech Dragon Aluminum Modded Case
Innovatek Innovaset 2 Water Cooling Kit Review
Antec PLUS 1080AMG Case Review
Trident XP4 Specs & Roadmap
HSR: Hidden Surface Removal
Fan bus controller from
GlacialTech Igloo 4300 Heatsink Review
TDK External USB 2.0 CyClone 48x16x48x
Swiftech MCX462+ Heatsink Review
Vantec Nexus Multifunction Panel
Coolink U2L Heatsink Review
HighSpeedPC LCD Kit
Thermaltake vs. GlobalWin
Galaxy-Lx 4616B7
Akasa Silver Mountain 2Q Copper Heatsink Review
Comdex '02 Wrap-Up Part One
Tweakmonster RAMsinks Give-away
Albatron PX845PE Pro IIS
Lamps Electronics CCFL
ATI Radeon 9500 PRO Review
Radeon 9500 Pro Graphics Card
Overclocking 102: Taking Your Overclock to the Next Level
OCZ 512MB PC2700 DDR Rev3.2 EL Module
Albatron KX400-8X KT400
Iomega External USB 2.0 48x24x48x CD-RW

News: Wednesday, 27th November 2002 - David


Lots o' news.

Blame me for not postng any for the past few days, hence the uber-huge news post.

Enjoy! ;)

CPUs & Mainboards
Intel Pentium 4 3.06GHz Review
VIA KT400 Motherboard Roundup
Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop
PowerLeap PL-P4/N
EPoX KT400 8K9A2+ Motherboard Review
Iwill P4HT-S Motherboard Review
Albatron PX845E i845E Silver Motherboard Review
MSI 845PE Max2-FIR Motherboard Review
Shuttle's SB51G i845GE Based Mini PC

Graphics & Multimedia
SiS Xabre600 Reference Videocard Review
PowerColor Radeon 9000 PRO 128MB DDR "Evil Commando"
SiS Xaber 600 AGP8X Graphics - Previewed
Gigabyte's new Maya Radeon 9700 Pro and 9000
SiS Xabre 600 Graphics Card Review
Sapphire ATLANTIS Radeon 9500
Belkin Omniview Soho KVM Switch
DIY Cheap Projector Guide
AOC LM800 18.1-inch TFT LCD Monitor
GeIL Pocket Muse MP3 Player/USB Flash Drive Review
Leadtek's WinFast A180 DDR TH MyVIVO Edition GeForce4 MX440
GeForceFX Anti-Aliasing on GeForce3 and 4

Tocools S1 Pentium4 Heatsink Review
Thermal Compound Shootout
Tocools NOVASONIC Socket A Cooler
Thermalright SK-6+
CoolerMaster Aluminum & Copper RAMsinks
Vapochill Premium Edition
Zalman CNPS5700D-Cu CPU Cooler Review
Geforce 4 Copper Cooler
Antec hard-drive cooling system
Thermalright SLK800 Copper Heatsink Review
EverCool NB18-715 Socket A Cooler
Innovatek Reservoir
Titan VGA Cooler
Thermaltake GF4 CoolMOD
Zalman ZM80-HP VGA Heatpipe Cooler
Swiftech MCW50 Video Water-Block

Storage & Memory
Corsair XMS 3500 Platinum Series DDR
Pen Drive Plus 2.0 32MB
Seagate Barracuda
OCZ PC3500 DDR-433
6-port Firewire & USB 2.0 PCI card
TX Venus II 48/24/48 CDRW
TEAC CD-552E, TEAC DV-516E, AOpen EHW-4048U reviews

Cases, Power & Mods
Four Port Aluminum RheoBus
EL Wire (Glowwire) Review
Xoxide Variable 4 Port Baybus
Xoxide X-40
PC Toys 520 watt Power Maxx Power Supply
IOSS RD7-CA Cooling After
mATX Chilli Pro Computer Case
Kool Cases Panther Full Tower Case Review
EL Wire ATA133 IDE Round Cable
CoolMax's Neon Wire EL ATA133 IDE Round Cable
Vantec Nexus Multi-function Panel
Shattered Web's Biohazard Appliqué
Thermaltake Fan Speed RPM Switch
DIY USB Christmas Lights Mod
How to make a switch bay from a 3.5" floppy blank
IR LED mod

Kensington MicroSaver Notebook Lock Review
Comdex 2002
LiUtilities WinBackup review
Avoid code leaks with Source Guardian
Fall 2002 Comdex
PC Mag: Affordable MP3 Players
eWeek: Tablets, Tablets, Tablets
Linux RedHat 8.0 takes a trip to Comdex in Las Vegas
LiUtilities WinBackup Review
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Tweaking Guide
Building A Diskless FAH Farm

News: Friday, 22nd November 2002 - David

Iwill P4HT-S Review
IWill P4HT-S i845PE Motherboard Review
Chaintech ZENITH 7NJS nForce2 Motherboard Review
MSI GNB MAX Granite Bay Motherboard Review
FIC AN19E KT400 Motherboard Review

Graphics & Sound
Triplex TX-680 GeForce4 MX440 AGP 8X
Soundblaster Audigy Gamer Soundcard

Zalman CNPS6000-CU
Power Cooler PCW182H.H CPU Cooler Review
Avalanche and Tundra 2 coolers
Wbhouse F-i.p.n. AMD watercooling kit review
GlobalWin's CAK4-88T

Mods & cases
Watercooled GF4, Core and Memory Voltage Mod
Thermaltake Xaser II 6000A & Mod-gear
Skyhawk's Galaxy aluminum ATX case
Geforce 4 Volt-Modding
CoolerMaster Aluminum Alloy CD-ROM Bezel
FrozenCPU's 6port Dual-Voltage Fanbus Review
Vantec Nexus Multi-Function Panel
DutchCedar's "BadAss" Ultimate case mod

Plextor 48/24/48A CD burner
SanDisk ImageMate Dual Card Reader review
PleXWriter PX-W4824U & AOpen CRW4850

Gaming gear
Logitech MOMO Force feedback wheel
Everglide Giganta

Misc Articles
New Age Computer Gaming from a Mobile vs. Desktop prospective
GeForce FX Launch Interview
Comdex 2002 Pt. I
Sun Microsystems threatens INQUIRER with High Court injunction
More Comdex Coverage
Anti-Aliasing and anisotropic filtering on GeForceFX
Visual Basic programming guide Part 3 at RipNet-UK
Comdex 2002 Summary
More Comdex Coverage @
PC Mag: First Look at Macromedia Contribute
Protect Yourself From Viruses @ Viper Lair

News: Tuesday, 18th November 2002 - David

Another bunch of previews fresh from the Comdex goers, the NV30 @ the GeforceFX. Wish I could have gone to Comdex. It sucks when all these really cool events happen everywhere else BUT frigging Malaysia. Check the different previews here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

After suffering from some serious server issues in the last few weeks, OnePC.NET is back with a review of the Nexland Pro800 broadband router with 8-port switch.

MHW tries a new path today in our struggle for a quieter PC, the FanStorm Deluxe fanbus. To make things really interesting they throw it in an hot running dually system to really see that it gets a workout.

ModTheBox busts out a bunch of radiators, the Computuning Dual 120mm Monster Radiator & 80mm Radiator Review as well as a Innovatek innovaSET1 Water Cooling Kit Review. While we're on the topic of non-air cooling, published another High-Performance cooling gear review: The Vapochill PE / "Titanium".

While we're on the topic of cooling, Octools has just posted a review of Thermaltake's latest Socket A Heatsink, the Volcano 9 Coolmod.

Over at Spode's Abode is a look at the 9700 Pro and the Ti4600.

The newer Rheobus units are quite a bit different from the ones we remember from only just a year ago. Take the Xoxide 4 Channel Aluminum Neon Rheobus; as the name implies it serves two masters, function and aesthetics. From now until the end of November, folks can get their name in the hat to win one of these trendy units at the Overclocker Café. Entries can be put in up to once a day until Nov. 30th.

TwistedMods check out the Vantec ThermoFlow fans plus part 1 of a monitor mod guide.

Inside-hardware takes a look at Promise's Fast Trak SX 4000 Raid Controller. Read more to see if Promise delivers its promise.

Overclockers New Zealand reviews the VIA P4PB400-FL P4X400 Motherboard has completed a review on some heavy duty case handles.

PCMax does something different, a LED review. Hm.

Phew, done!

News: Thursday, 14th November 2002 - David

I smell an NDA's been lifted, evidenced by the suden surge of P4 3.06GHz reviews around the larger hardware sites. Check em out here, here, here, here and here.

Here's the rest of the newsbox new bits:

Pc-Windows Mirror Fan Grilles - UPDATE
EL Custom Shop Double Core EL Wire Review
Albatron PX845PEV Pro Pentium 4 Motherboard Review
No Strings Attached GeForce4 Giveaway at
Akasa AK842 Aluminum Heatsink
Vantec VP4-C7040 Aeroflow Heatsink
COMPEX NP16 802.11b Wireless Router Bundle and WLU11A USB Wireless Adapter Review
Lite-On 52/24/52 CD-RW
Logitech Elite Keyboard
Kuthtec KTM2001 Honeycomb Copper Core Heatsink Review
Albatron Geforce 4 MX480
Tocools Regal Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Akasa AK821 CPU Cooler Review
PC Mag: What to Expect at Comdex
3DMark2001SE Tweak Guide - Part 2, nVIDIA Style
ExtremeTech Exclusive: Severe DNS Flaw Threatens Internet
Corsair 512mb XMS PC3200 Review
Magic 3 Modchip Kit
Coolermaster ATC-110b Aluminum Case
Cdrom Window Guide
Nikao Union Chassis
So-TrickComputers Red CCFL Review

News: Wednesday, 13th November 2002 - David

Samsung Yepp 64meg MP3 Player
Logitech’s MX500 mouse

Motherboards & Processors
Five KT400 Motherboards Round up
Intel Pentium 4 2.66GHz Processor Review
MSI KT3 Ultra2
Intel D845GEBV2 (Intel 845GE Chipset) Motherboard Review

PlexWriter 48/24/48A E-IDE (ATAPI) drive
Plextor PlexWriter 48/24/48A CD-RW Review

NVIDIA's Quadro 4 XGL Previewed
Interview with David Kirk of NVIDIA

Cases & PSU
Enermax EG465P-FC 430 Watt power supply
Lian Li PC35

Lian Li watercooling article
Fanbus Controller

Vantec Tornado
Danger Den Maze 3 Water-Cooling Kit
Tocools Novasonic Heatsink Review
Kuthtec KTM2101 CHAOS Copper Core Heatsink Review
Wet and Chilly Chips "AMD-XP" Watercooling System
Thermaltake, GF4 Titanium Chipset Cooler

ExtremeTech Exclusive: Inside Microsoft's Palladium
ExtremeTech Exclusive: Amiga's Grand Plan Revealed
eWeek: AOL Instant Messaging Service Finally Hits the Enterprise
PC Mag: Cute but Tough Notebook -- First Look
eWeek: HP, Intel, Others Backing RDMA-Over-IP Technology
eWeek Scoop: Capellas Steps Down as HP President

News: Monday, 11th November 2002 - David

Leadtek WinFast K7NCR18D-Pro nForce2 Motherboard Review
Battle of the SiS 648 Budgets - MSI vs. Gigabyte vs. ECS
Gigabyte 7VAXP Motherboard Review

XtremeDDR PC-3500+ Review

Graphics & Display
ATI Radeon 9700 Video Card Review
Samsung Syncmaster 171mp Review

Cases & Mods
Lego Computer Case
X-Clear Plexiglas PC Case Review
Xoxide X450 Aluminum Case Review
Lian-Li PC-6087 Aluminum Case
SunbeamTech Sound Activated CCFL Kit
Indiglo Clock Mod Lian-Li PC60 Case
Easy case mod guide
Creating An Internal Hub
Cooler Master ATC-210B AX1 Aluminum Case Review
Xoxide X300 mid-tower case
IR-Reciever Guide
Enermax Neon Lighted Case
Creating A Silent PC
Lian Li PC78 Server Style Case Review
Ahanix dboX case
Xoxide LL12 "Stealth" Review

AquaXtreme-XP AMD Socket A Water-Cooling Kit
ThermalRight SK7
Vantec Aeroflow VA4-C7040 Socket-A
Taisol K7-462 heatpipe cooler
Cooltech Pro Watercooling kit

HP Deskjet 3320 Inkjet Printer Review
Palm Zire PDA
NTFS Conversion and Theory Guide
ClubOC's 5th Annual Christmas Giveaway
LIUtilities Win Backup
Trios II PX-920T2 Review
Mikhailtech November Giveaway - Week 2
eWeek Scoop: No Longhorn Server On Tap
PC Mag: Sony's new VAIO Outclasses the iMac?
ExtremeTech: Breaking into the New Amiga
eWeek Exclusive: EPeriodicals: Microsoft Takes Aim at PDF

News: Friday, 8th November 2002 - David

I can't post all from what was in the news box, i'm in a bit of a rush, so here's the more interesting of the bunch.

OCAddiction takes us back in history today with Swiftech's complete lineup of socket A HSF's and features the awesome new MCX462+. Swiftech's current flagship Socket CPU Cooler.

Overclockers New Zealand has posted a review on Albatron MX480 GeForce4 MX440 AGP 8X VGA

Hexus posts a Corsair XMS3500 C2 DDR Memory Review.

Overclocking Athlons is an effective, and free way to get more out of your rig. FSB is one part of the equation, and unlocking the multiplier is another part. It isn't that easy to unlock an Athlon XP, but Viperlair look at a kit that makes unlocking a snap to do.

Hothardware just put the finishing touches on a KT400 Shoot-Out featuring the Soyo KT400 DRAGON Ultra and the Shuttle AK37GT/R motherboards. These bad boys sport all of the features enthusiasts crave, like AGP8X and a full host of overclocking options. has published an article that compares the two latest chipsets to enter the AMD Athlon XP arena: the NVIDIA nForce2 and the VIA KT400. The article gives comparisons on gaming fronts as well addresses an issue concerning the KT400 chipset and AGP 8x performance.

When it comes to cooling your CPU, Swiftech is no doubt one of the top contenders. OCAddiction is showing off the QPower Water Cooled Case with MCW40 today. A damn nice looking setup for those of you looking to get into water cooling with minimal hassle.

News: Tuesday, 5th November 2002 - David

Lots of news today. And I mean LOTS.

Motherboard, CPU & Systems
Soltek SL-75FRV KT400 Motherboard
SiS 645/648 Motherboard Roundup
SOYO SY-P4X400 DRAGON Ultra Review
MSI 845PE Max2
Intel D845GEBV2 Desktop Motherboard
DFI AD77 KT 400 Motherboard
Iwill P4ES i845E Motherboard Review
XP 2400+ Overclocking Article
Soyo P4X400 DRAGON Ultra Platinum
IBM ThinkPad X30 Notebook
Gigabyte GA-8SG667 (SiS 648)
AMD Athlon XP Thoroughbred 2200+ / 2400+ / 2600+ / 2700+ / 2800+ Review
ASUS P4SDX SiS655 motherboard

FIC AT010 Radeon 9700 PRO Review
PixelView GeForce 4 MX440 128MB AGP 8X VGA
Leadtek A180 MyVIVO
ATi All-In-Wonder RADEON 9700 Pro
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro
Leadtek WinFast TV2000
Albatron "Medusa" Geforce4 Ti4200 Turbo
Radeon 9700 Pro
Albatro GF4 Ti 4200 P Turbo 128MB
Siluro GeForce4 Ti4200 OTES

Memory & Storage
Lite-On 52x24x52x CD-RW
PC3200 RAM Comparison: XtremeDDR vs. Corsair
SanDisk Ultra ImageMate Reader
Tweakmonster’s Tx50 64MB RAMdrive
52x CDRW Roundup

Fans & Cooling
Quad LED Fans Review
Swiftech QuietPower FS020 Water Cooling System
Swiftech MCX462+
Thermaltake Volcano 7+
Tech PC Cooling Guide
How to Lap a Heatsink Guide
Koolance PC2-601W Water Cooling Case

Bluetake's POKE 2 Bluetooth USB Adapter
Belkin Bluetooth USB Adaptor, PC Card and PDA Adaptor Card

Cases, Power & Modding
Light up your Keyboard
Antec Plus 1080AMG File Server Case
ExoticPC Romeo DX Case Review
Nikao Union Mid-Tower Case Review
Kingwin KT-436B-WM case
ICEHardware shows you how to stealth a CD-Rom
Sharkoon Rounded Cabel luminous
Lian-Li PC-6289 Server Case
Chiplites VS. Kathodes
SkyHawkUSA Galaxy PSR4616B1
Temperature Controlled Fan Box
Akasa Pax-Mate Acoustic Absortion Mat Review
Bjorn3D discovers organic PC's
Acrylic Power Supply Mod
Vinyl Dye Guide
Card Cooler Crystal Neon Optical Mouse Review
Xoxide LL60 Case
CoolMax Taurus ATX 470W Triple Fan Power Supply
Next Cool WaterCUBE GT3 waterblock review
Performance Plus 660AMG case review

Battlefield 1942
Medieval: Total War
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

ExtremeTech: AMD Enters 802.11 Wireless Market
ExtremeTech: Intel, Partners Unveil "Gallatin" Processor
Baseline: Silicon Graphics: Feeling the Pressure
eWeek Exclusive: Peter Coffee on MS Settlement
Baseline: Bristol-Myers Squibb Taps Grid Computing
Caffeinated Soap
Visual Basic programming tutorial
Mikhailtech November 2002 Giveaway + 2 Year Anniversary
PC Mag: Death to CRTs?
ExtremeTech: Speaker Buyer Guide
Litepads LitePad Pro Mouse Surface
eWeek Exclusive: Microsoft Preps New Windows CE Flavors
ExtremeTech: Building the Home Media Network
PC Mag: Don't Open That E-Greeting Card!
OCAddiction Abit 4200 Giveaway!
Baseline: Pitching a Cyberspace Security Strategy
MSI i845E Max2-BLR Giveaway
PC Mag: DVD Creation Guide
PC Mag: Is That Your Blackberry Talkin' to Me?
eWeek: Microsoft Preps .Net Speech


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