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Updates: Wednesday, 17th March 2004- David

Yup, you got it. We're back from the dead, sort of, with a review of a new toy from CoolerMaster; the Musketeer 2. Sporting more cool retro analogue dials with a smattering of color backlighting, case mod enthusiasts have yet another gadget to stuff into their spare drive bays.

Updates: Monday, 26th January 2004- David

The first 3 weeks of 2004 were pretty much a hectic time for me. Work filled up most of my time, leaving little to no time at all for the site. My apologies for that.

Nevertheless, i'm back in action. With the first review out of our doors in this fresh new year of 2004, we present to you our take on the CoolerMaster Musketeer. Is it all flash? Or does it actually serve a purpose? Have a read while we whip up more content to fill our pages.

Updates: Tuesday, 23rd December 2003 - David

With Christmas looming on the horizon, these past few weeks have been really hectic. To start off, the past weekend was taken up by the local PCFair2003 event, of which my company had a booth to promote the magazines we publish; namely PC Plus Malaysia and PC Gamer Malaysia. We also helped out with the FixIT DIY competition held by Gatum Dale Sdn Bhd, one of our close associates. Additionally, I went for the LOTR marathon in between, resulting in me having to haul ass back to work the next day right after the 12 hour long movie session. In 48 hours, I only had about 8 hours of sleep. Boo-yah! To top it all off, right after the PC Fair weekend, we needed to get cracking on our January issue of PC Plus, as i'll be heading home to Sabah on Christmas Day and need to get all my writing done by then. Ooch.

Anyhow, this will probably be one of the last few updates i'll manage for 8BallsHardware for the remainder of this year. What's it about? Some nice speedy memory from Corsair; the TwinX512-4000 set, which is a matched pair of 256MB modules rated for DDR500 operation.

It's been a great 2003, and i'd like to thank each and every one of you, readers and sponsors alike, for all the support we've been blessed with over the past few years we've been online. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2004!

Updates: Friday, 12th December 2003 - David

We haven't done any case reviews for some time, and now's a good time as any. We received the Enermax CS-5190AL-061 sometime ago from the good people over at Enermax. It's a funky case with some unique features which might appeal to the more non-standard folks around. Have a read, and a great weekend ahead!

Updates: Tuesday, 9th December 2003 - David

If you're in the market for some quality and affordable memory, you can check out our review of Crucial's PC3200 256MB modules. While they're not exactly aimed at the high performance seekers, users looking for stablility and quality should find exactly what they need. Have a read.

Updates: Saturday, 29th November 2003 - David

If you've ever wanted to have UV reactive fans that would glow without the need for a bulky Uv cold cathode cluttering up the insides of your case, the Vantec Spectrum UV LED fans are here to save your day. With UV LEDs embedded into the frame of the fan for that UV-licious effect, these fans will make a great addition to your case mod. Have a read on the review we just whipped up.

Updates: Monday, 24th November 2003 - David

Tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday will be two days of public holidays marking the Hari Raya celebrations for the Muslim people of Malaysia, marking the end of the fasting month. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our Muslim readers a 'Selamat Hari Raya'!

On the review front, here's a quick look at another mousing surface for all you gaming freaks out there. The Steelpad 4d is a plastic version of the Steelpad 4s which we reviewed earlier, and a much more affordable one as well. Have a read, while I spend the next two days working on more reviews for you guys to read! ;)

On a side note, the forums seems to be borked, for some reason. Since it was never really brimming with activity to begin with, what the heck. In the trash it goes.

Updates: Monday, 10th November 2003 - David

I've been looking for a card reader which mounts into a 3 1/2" bay for ages. Lo and behold, BeanTech drops the 9023 Plus 7-in-1 Card Reader into my lap. It's a nifty device, with an excellent feature which distinguishes it from all the other card readers on the market. Have a read, and you'll know what I mean!

Updates: Friday, 31st October 2003 - David

For all you cooling freaks out there, here's our take on Thermalright's SLK-900U, one of the best air cooling solutions you can get on the market.

We've got quite a few reviews in store; some memory, a motherboard and a PSU are among the bunch we've got piled up. Check back soon for more!

On a side note, awhile ago, our former Prime Minister; Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamed, stepped off the podium of power and handed the reins to his successor, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Being the only leader i've known throughout my life, I wish all the best to Dr M. It's been great, and I for one, appeciate what you've done for Malaysia. You rocked muchly.

Updates: Sunday, 26th October 2003 - David

The last week was pretty much hectic. 10 motherboards to review for work, mucho headache. Thank goodness its out of the way. If you'd like to see what I wrote this month, be sure to pick up the November issue of PC Plus Malaysia on the newsstands in the first week of November.

On a side note, my WD 40Gb which I sent to Singapre came back earlier this week. Pretty cool, considering it took around a week for the replacement drive to arrive. Even though the replacement is a refurb (from the 'recertified' label on the sticker on the HDD), something is better than nothing.

I also managed to rustle up a review of the Crucial Hi-Speed USB 7 in 1 Card Reader. Finally USB 2.0's reached the lowly card reader, allowing the long suffering flash media users to transfer their files much faster off onto hard disk. Definitely a boon to those who usually have high density flash media chock full of files.

Have a great weekend ahead!

Updates: Sunday, 18th October 2003 - David

Well. The broke WD hard drive is winging its way to Singapore to one of WD's partners who handles RMA-ed drives. Before that, I managed to recover all my data via a controller board swap from a new WD 40GB SE drive I bought. Guess I spoke too soon (again... shrug..) when I said I wouldnt use WD drives again.

A look at the current state of the HDD market shows that there isn't really any difference between one brand or the other. Since the drive I got was just RM 225, and comes with a 3-year warranty, compared to similar drives from Maxtor or Seagate which came with only one year of warranty AND cost a mere RM 5 less. Guess which one I picked.

With my PC back in semi-working order, its back to review time. Boo-yah.

Updates: Friday, 10th October 2003 - David

So much for new updates to the site and more new reviews. I spoke too soon.

My primary 40GB 8MB cache 7200RPM Western Digital hard drive suffered a failure for some reason. Now it won't even be detected in the BIOS. I've made the major blunder of NOT BACKING UP as well. Hopefully my emails, contacts and documents can still be recovered. I'm still waiting for a technician friend to check out my drive and see if anything can be done to retrieve my data. Else, i'll be screwed out of three years worth work getting contacts in the industry.

As much as it's my fault for not backing up, i'd like to thank Western Digital for a crap hard drive. The damn drive wasn't even a year old. This time, i'll be trusting my data to a different brand.

/Update: Here's a review i'd been working on before the drive crashed. Thank goodness I had it saved in my work PC. :P Have fun checking out Vantec's 420W Stealth PSU!

Updates: Tuesday, 7th October 2003 - David

If you've noticed, the site looks a wee bit different. New top banner, streamlined navigation. Enermax is coming on board as a major sponsor, so you should see their banner up in a day or two. Catch you guys in a couple of days. Still a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff to do. For instance, the forum needs quite a bit more work. Hah. ;)

Updates: Sunday, 21st September 2003 - David

Man the weekend went by so fast. Like poof, and it's gone. Ah well. 5 more days till the next.

Anyhow, for those who'd like to junk the crappy stock cooling solution on their graphics cards, here's a review on the Vantec iceberq4 Pro VGA cooling kit. Looks good, performs good, what more could you want. Have a read, and a great week ahead!

Updates: Thursday, 18th September 2003 - David

Moving down to Subang Jaya roughly a little over a week ago, my house was broken into two nights after I moved in on the 5th. Luckily, I lost only some money, my NEC pocket PC (dammit!) and my Canon Ixus V2. Goodbye digital camera. Thief even had the common sense to take the PDA cradle and adaptor along as well. Wierdly enough, my PC was left alone though my housemate lost his own PC. Two days later I moved out *again* to a different house in the same area.

Right now i've been in the new place a couple of days, with the phone line just working a day ago and no broadband connection just yet. Hence the lack of any updates on the site.

Anyhow, I managed to get a quick Multiplayer Guide on Line of Sight: Vietnam by VoiVod; formatted, edited and uploaded. Have a read while I get my life back in order. :(

Updates: Friday, 5th September 2003 - David

Tomorrow afternoon i'll be moving house, down a bit nearer to the office. Actually, work will be within 5 minutes walking distance. Heh. Maybe that way, I spend more time working on the website and reviews than sitting in the train on the long commute home. Good for you, good for me. I hope. :P

On the other hand, here's a review of an excellent piece of kit: the A4-Tech Full Control Wireless Mouse. Its wireless. Its optical. It also comes with four rechargeable AA batteries. Whats more, the RF receiver doubles up as a battery charger, so you can always have two fresh batteries standing by when the ones in your mouse go kaput. Have a read.

Updates: Sunday, 25th August 2003 - David

If you're looking for a nice compact fan controller, the Vantec Nexus NXP-205 should fit the bill. It fits into a 3 1/2" drive bay, and has four fan channels which each can support up to a whopping 18W of juice. Check out the review!

Updates: Thursday, 21st August 2003 - David

Dum de dum. Remember awhile ago, when I mentioned we were going to be having some changes around here? Well, look sharp 'cause they're on the way. In a month or so, give or take a week, hopefully the new project will be up and running.

Updates: Sunday, 17th August 2003 - David

Here's our take on Arctic Silver's new kid on the block; Ceramique. This stuff is taking over from Arctic Alumina in my system, nuff said.

Updates: Saturday, 9th August 2003- David

The past week has been rather eventful, as I spent Monday and Tuesday at the lovely state of Penang Island, where NEC had invited members of the media for a tour of their factory. As a tech writer for the local chapter of PC Plus I got to go, and came back with pictures of Packard Bell's watercooled PC system, as well as a NEC MobilePro E200 pocketpc as a gift. Totally unexpected, and totally cool. Damn I love my job.

Anyhow, I neglected to charge my digicam's battery before going, so I could only manage a few token shots of the Packard Bell WC rig. Nevertheless, it does look cool. Check here for pics.

Heres a review of the Crucial Gizmo! 64MB USB flash drive for your weekend reading. Wish I could keep it for my own use, but my girlfriend staked her claim on it before I could. Ah well, i'll just enjoy my pocketpc. :P

Updates: Friday, 1st August 2003- David

Spent the past week getting my Intel system ready, had to sell off my AMD system to raise the funds to be able to afford everything.

3GHz at last! Whee!

Updates: Wednesday, 23rd July 2003- David

Our resident gamer, Voivod's been busy behind the scenes of late, and here's his latest take on yet another racing sim; F1 Challenge 1999-2002.

Updates: Wednesday, 16th July 2003- David

For all you Springdale, Canterwood and nForce2 users out there, going dual channel is no longer an option but a necessity. We check out the Corsair TwinX512-3200LL memory modules. Are they worth your hard earned jack? Check out the review to find out!

Updates: Monday, 7th July 2003- David

Heres a review of something i've put off for way too long. My apologies to Gainward for the delay, my work and personal life came and took over things for a while. Never again! *wink*

Enjoy the Gainward Ultra/750 review, though it died while I was just about to test how overclockable it was. Oh well.

Updates: Sunday, 29th June 2003- David

If you've been looking for a decent hard drive cooler, heres a quick look at CoolerMaster's CoolDrive3. Sleek looks, but how does it perform? Read on to find out!

Updates: Wednesday, 28th May 2003- David

Looking for some memory? With prices being at an affordable level, upgrading your memory isn't a bad idea. We take a look at some TwinMOS PC3200 Dual Channel DDR memory.

Updates: Monday, 26th May 2003- David

Whew, its finally over. For roughly RM 70K including expenses etc, I got me a piece of paper half an A4 sheet in size, along with a mini-CDR with my degree on it in MS Word format. Not exactly value for your money, ay?

Leastwise, thats one thing over with. Now to get back to the daily grind. :P

Updates: Friday, 23rd May 2003- David

With my Convocation coming up in two days, this week has got to be one of the most hectic i've had in ages.

I've uploaded a new review, this time of something non-hardware; a software review of Leading Interactive Utilities' SpeedUpMyPC. While using this particular software may be seen as an insult to geeks everywhere, I can bet your mom would have little trouble using it. Have a read ;) and see you guys on Sunday night!

Updates: Saturday, 17th May 2003- David

Aih. Work. :P

I took the chance to watch X-Men 2 and The Matrix: Reloaded back to back this weekend. One whole night of eye candy. Pretty neat movies, though the storyline for both were a little lacking in substance.

I also took the opportunity to wrap up a review of the Vantec AeroFlow VA4-C7040 cooler. My NF7-S came back to me last week, so i've been busy getting my test machine back on track.

I'll be having my convocation (finally....) next Sunday, so updates will continue to be a little sparse. :( Anyhow, i'll keep working on finishing up more stuff for you to read. Have a great week ahead!

Updates: Thursday, 8th May 2003- David

Been really out of the loop lately, as I spent the last weekend back in Sarawak for my grandfather's 80th birthday bash. Not surprisingly, I discovered a whole bunch of relatives I never knew I had. Being Chinese, this kind of thing is expected when a family gathering of this size happens :P

With work eating up a chunk of my time, heres a review of Sunbeam's rheobus that I managed to squeeze out. Have a read :)

Updates: Friday, 25th April 2003- David

Heres a summary of the current promos we're either helping to promote, or specially for our readers and whoever else that cares to stop by :)

1. Fancy yourself a Malaysian, and want some RatpadzGS mousing goodness? Ratpadz-SEA is having a promo where Malaysian readers can get some mousing pad goodness for a promotional price. Check out this thread for more details:

2. Win some spanking new Corsair Memory if you're a reader of PC Gamer Malaysia. Check here for more:

Unfortunately, you might have noticed that both the above are for Malaysian peeps only. We're working on some more stff to get everyone else a chance to be hooked up with some swag!

Updates: Wednesday, 22nd April 2003- David

Just got the review of the BeanTech BT-84 Acrylic Case online. I took so many pictures during the course of the review that uploading look me a little more than half an hour on dial up. Anyhow, the case looks sweet, check out the review for more eye candy!

Update 2:

Sweet deal for all Malaysian 8BallsHardware forum members. There's now an Asian chapter of the famous RatpadzGS brand name, Ratpadz-SEA (South East Asia). We've come up with a great co-op deal for local readers, where you can get yourself a Ratpadz for just RM 75.

The catch? All you need to do is be a member of the 8BallsHardware forums. All you need is this promo code: 8BallsSlidingOnRatpadzGS

More details in this thread:

To get yourself some RatpadzGS loving, head on over here:

This is the first of many promotions in the works, to give back to you, the reader, for all your great support!

Updates: Friday, 18th April 2003- David

Here's a look at the Vantec AeroFlow VP4-C7040 heatsink. It's got the looks, but does it have the performance? Read on to find out!

Updates: Tuesday, 15th April 2003- David

Just posted a quick review of the Xoxide 6 Port Baybus. A nifty gadget for those who would like a one-flick solution to switching between high powered cooling for gaming and lower powered cooling for work and music.

On a side note, i'm currently suffering some setbacks, as my Abit NF7-S appears to have suffered a dead BIOS. Initial testing reveals my XP1700 should still be alive, though I don't really have concrete evidence to support that. Oh well. At least I still have my Duron and MSI K7T 266 Pro in service. Still, it's going to suck. Ah, life!

Updates: Sunday, 6th April 2003- David

Heres a look at a new release from CoolerMaster, the Aero 7. While the looks are sure to remind you of the Noisecontrol Silverado, this copper heatsink looks to perform rather well. How well? Read on to find out!

Updates: Thursday, 3rd April 2003- David

A fresh month, and lots more in store. How was your April Fool's Day?

Updates: Sunday, 30th March 2003- David

Looking for some thermal compound to replenish your stock? We checked out some thermal paste from ESG Associates of Nanotherm fame, including a sneak peek at some of their experimental Nanotherm EXP. Have a read, you might find something you like.

Later today i'll be heading to the first installment of PCFair 2003 here in Malaysia. I'll be snapping some pics to share with you all, so check back soon!

Updates: Sunday, 23rd March 2003- David

Another contribution by Anion, about how he lapped his heatsink. Not exactly the definitive guide to lapping, but this guide shows the basic details of getting started with lapping.

Update 2: Heres another review for you guys to read; the Crucial USB 6-in-1 Portable Card Reader. Nifty gadget, really. Makes downloading the pictures from my new Ixus V2 all the more easier :P

Updates: Saturday, 22nd March 2003- David

Today there's a little update on the Speeze CoolCat heatsink review we posted earlier. This time, we manage to scrounge up an Intel system, courtesy of Anion, who helped out with P4 testing. Check out the updates!

Updates: Thursday, 20th March 2003- David

Just a little note; within the next month or so, you should start seeing major changes around here. We've got major plans for the future of 8BallsHardware, and we hope you'll stay to enjoy the ride :)

Updates: Sunday, 16th March 2003- David

Man I should really start updating the front page more often. I haven't been posting news much, sorry about that. :P

Some site news up first. We've just started off a Folding@Home effort, aptly titled Folding@Malaysia. Now though this is named as such, we aren't strictly only for Malaysians. Anyone can join up. We're just naming it like so because three local web presences, namely us, TechGamer, and DXPose have teamed up in our efforts for a joint F@H collaboration. Find out more about it in our forums, this section to be more precise!.

I also posted up a review of Skyhawk's PSR5601 Aluminum case. A pretty decent case, though it could do with some improvements. Go have a read.

In the meantime, more reviews in the pipeline, have a great week ahead!

Updates: Sunday, 9th March 2003- David

It's been an interesting week so far, with some new items arriving in the 8BallsHardware testlabs for evaluation. What's in? Among others, a Thermalright SLK800A. Hopefully, within the next few days I should begin rebuilding my main machine, and then finally overclocking my XP1700+ Tbred B. I've some friends who have the exact same CPU, stepping and all, and they all hit at least 2GHz on average, so hopefully mine should do the same.

I also posted up a review of a racing wheel, the Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel, to be exact. Voivod checks out the latest addition to his gaming setup. Read the review so see what he thought of it!

Updates: Tuesday, 4th March 2003- David

First up, a review sent to me from Anion, a shot at Lamps Electronics UV cold cathodes. Neat stuff, providing you have UV reactive stuff inside your case.

Next up will be a review of a gaming wheel, namely the Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel. I hope to have that one edited and posted in the next day or so, courtesy of Voivod, our resident gaming nut and contributor. Keep those peepers peeled!

Updates: Saturday, 1st March 2003- David

Here comes March. February had its ups and downs. On the downside, I lost my job. Bleh. On the upside, our traffic jumped to an all time high, just shy of 200K pageviews. Also, I managed to land a new job with a publishing house that handles the local version of PCPlus, originally a UK fave.

Lets hope March turns out even better!

Updates: Thursday, 27th February 2003- David

Here's something I got from Gainward, pics of their NV30 box!

Updates: Sunday, 23rd February 2003- David

Here's a review of the Spire CoolCat, a combination cooler which supports not only socket processors, but P4 systems as well.

Been offline for a few days, modem got hit by lightning, but the rest of my stuff was safe! Phew! More content coming up, keep coming back!

Updates: Thursday, 20th February 2003- David

I uploaded an update to the A7N8X Deluxe article, with a bit of information pertaining to DualDDR, which also corrects a statement I made in the original review.

Also, heres a quick look at a Tricolor Cold Cathode kit from Lamps Electronics, including their Sound Sensitive module. It's got short video clips of the items in action, courtesy of Anion!

Updates: Monday, 17th February 2003- David

Here's something to start your week off, a review of the A7N8X Deluxe. I'm pretty much very impressed with this motherboard, to the extent I awarded it an Editor's Choice Award, the first time ever we've given out such accolades to any product. My first experiences with an nForce2 board were nothing short of excellent.

Have a good week ahead!

Updates: Tuesday, 11th February 2003- David

Ah. The wonders of dial up internet access.

/Edit: Here's a quick tutorial on how to make your own DIY rounded IDE cables, submitted by a regular reader.

If there's any of you who'd like to see your work/articles published here, feel free to send them in!

Updates: Wednesday, 5th February 2003- David

Heya! Its good to be back in Kuala Lumpur, though the holidays back home were stupendous. One of the more relaxing holidays i've had in ages.

The Year of the Goat sees me literally losing my job, as i've been relegated to contract worker status for the next month. After that, i'm gone. Whee. So much for working my ass off the past month, ay? This says lots in terms of employee loyalty nowadays. Its all about the money. Sure, give the head honchos a raise, while booting off us small fry. On a more positive note, this can be somewhat of a blessing in disguise, making me think about what to do now. Find another job? Continue my studies? Ponder ponder. Can you hear those gears in my brain grinding yet?

On the review front, heres a quick look at the Akasa PaxMate Acoustic Absorption Mats, courtesy of Xoxide. This comes from a guest writer, Anion, who makes his debut to the world of reviewing.

Updates: Sunday, 26th January 2003- David

I just uploaded a review of the Asus V8420 Deluxe Geforce4 Ti4200 graphics card. It's basically a Ti4400 or even a 4600 in a Ti4200's body, while carrying the cheaper pricetag. Check it out!

On a side note, i'll be heading back home to Sabah on the 30th for the Chinese New Year celebrations, and back to Peninsular Malaysia on the 5th. I hope to have more reviews for you by then.

Updates: Wednesday, 15th January 2003- David

Got around to picking the winners from the recent Forums giveaway, if you think you're one of them, check it out here!

Updates: Monday, 13th January 2003- David

Just posted Voivod's look at GT Racing 2002, the latest hot mod for Electronic Arts F1 2002. Looks like a pretty interesting game, I might just pick up F1 2002 and download GTR2002 and try it out!

Updates: Saturday, 11th January 2003- David

This is quite belated, but Happy New Year 2003! First off, i'd like to apologise to everyone who keeps coming back to the site to find that it's been left for dead for the past month, with only the forums giving any indication of life. Work's been hectic, and rather demanding, given that my job specifications have changed. For the worse, or for the better, I can't really say, except that this beats being jobless anytime. :P

I've just uploaded a short review from Jerome, of the iRock BLiNG CD-MP3 player. Pretty cool gadget, and looks way better from the alternatives available locally. Check it out, if its your thing ;) I'm also in the middle of editing a game review, GT Racing 2002, which should up uploaded later tonight. It's 3am, and i'm off to bed.

Its good to be back, i'm hoping that this coming year will be a better one than the last, both for everyone, myself, and 8BallsHardware.

p/s I haven't forgotten the Forums contest, winner details will be up shortly!

Updates: Tuesday, 10th December 2002 - David

Been away for quite a bit, the holidays were wonderful, a chance to catch up on sleep as well as finish up a bunch of benchmarks. The week is turning out to be a bit of crap, as i'd just discovered my probation period at work was extended by another 2 months. Whee. Just cause I was reassigned from one boss to another. Some excuse that was. *mutter*

Anyhow, I uploaded a quick take at CoolerMaster's copper and aluminium ramsinks. Pretty spiffy stuff, although a little on the small side. Check it out!

Updates: Thursday, 5th December 2002 - David

Just uploaded a review of the CoolerMaster ATC 4000 SX-1 case. Swank, fricking huge, and also functions as a rackmount case. Style, functionality and a bleeding wallet, all in one package. Check it out!

Also, I probably won't be around till Monday next week. The reason? 'Hari Raya' holidays here start Friday. FYI, 'Hari Raya' is the Malay term for the celebration of the end of the month of Ramadan, and the start of Syawal (i think), for Muslims over here. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish our Muslim readers a very happy Hari Raya. :)

Updates: Monday, 2nd December 2002 - David

A new month, and pretty soon, a new year. We'll be roughly 2 years old, and we've come quite a long way since then. I should be posting up news of a competition later in the day. Keep your peepers peeled!

On a side note, our Malaysian-flavored buds, Adrian's Rojakpot have sprouted back up from the dead. They've got a new look, a new back-end, and are raring to go! Head on over and say hi!

/Edit: OK, Just launched the compo, see here for details.

Updates: Friday, 29th November 2002 - David

Updated the links page today, cleared off some junk from it too. I'll be at work on more reviews this weekend, be sure to check in next week for more! Have a great weekend!

/Edit: Also uploaded a quick look at Xoxide's 80mm acrylic laser cut fan grills. Check it out.

Updates: Thursday, 28th November 2002 - David

Prozac, a good friend of mine, wrote up a review on a software by Leading Interactive Utilities, WinBackup. It seems like something every computer would find useful in backing up important files. Check it out!

Updates: Wednesday, 27th November 2002 - David

November is nearly coming to an end, and what a month it was! We broke our previous traffic record, plus hit 100K pageviews for the first time ever. I'm bogged down with lots of stuff to review, we've got a forums competition to launch in a few days, and things have never looked better. Except for the fact that i'm dead broke. You can't have everything, I suppose. :P Cheerio!

Updates: Monday, 25th November 2002 - David

Published a tutorial for all you UT2003 mapbuilder-wannabes out there, specifically for those who'd like to create those cool teleporters in your own UT2K3 maps. Jerome's been working on this one for some time, so here's his first tutorial (hopefully more to come ;) ) for your perusal!

Updates: Friday, 22nd November 2002 - David

Posted another cooler review, also from a Fanner subsidiary. Check it out :) I'm putting the finishing touches on the competition that i'm about to launch. Probably going to announce it on Monday. Till then, have a great weekend!

Updates: Tuesday, 19th November 2002 - David

Posted a cooler review, haven't seen one of those on the site for ages ;) I've got one more to complete writing, then its a bunch more stuff, including 3 different rheobus kits. My primary concern is to get the Asus A7N8X review out. That's one kick-ass board, by the look of the box and it's contents.

This month's traffic has been tremendous, partly due to the DDR comparison review as well as the A7V8X review. This is extremely encouraging, to say the least. Lets hope it keeps up!

Updates: Monday, 18th November 2002 - David

The weekend was, to me, rather uneventful. Aside from finishing up some heatsink testing my time was spent meeting up with probable future collaborators for a tech-review site.

Coming to work, I checked out a couple of the big name sites, like I usually do each day. Surprisingly, [H]ardOCP was in quite a bit of a quandary, after some readers discovering flawed numbers in their P4 3.06Ghz review. Suffice to say, a whole bunch of their regular forumers were banned for voicing their opinions and the offending benchmark numbers image was replaced with another (without any notification or updates on the site). A furor erupted on forums of other sites, complaining about the lack of transparency, as well as a lot of speculation on the reasons why Kyle & Co. edited the numbers, as well as the banning spree that occured. Numerous threads on the HardForums concerning the topic were deleted, the thread starters banned.

Whoa. Big trouble for the [H]ers.

After reading through a whole bunch of discussion threads, only one stood out as making the most sense. Post 790 in here. He sums up the whole idea pretty well too.

Sure, Kyle might have screwed up, neither did he attempt to explain the rash of bannings on the forums. I'd like to think that his actions up to this point don't really justify the rest of the hardware world dumping on him just because of '48 hours of crap', to quote from Zroc. I mean, most of the finger pointing done by the majority of the newly anti-[H] haven't been really civil either. Nevertheless, the damage has been done. We'll just see what else happens from this point onwards.

Updates: Thursday, 14th November 2002 - David

Here's something different for a change. A reader, who goes by the nick 'voivod', submitted a game review, Hitman2: Silent Assassin. Check out his take on the game, and discuss it in the forums if you have anything to say about it. Lots of screenshots, also in large high res versions.

We welcome contributions from everyone out there, so long as it's well written and interesting.

Updates: Monday, 11th November 2002 - David

I changed the site logo for a bit last week, feedback was basically that it sucked. Heh. I suck at photoshop anyway. Changed back to the previous logo as a result. Anyhow, here's another look at some more cold cathodes, this time from Lamps Electronics. Expect a heatsink review or two by the week's end.

Updates: Friday, 8th November 2002 - David

Just posted an article comparing the Corsair XMS 3200, Corsair XMS 3500, Mushkin DDR400, Crucial PC2700, as well as my older Crucial PC2100. Have a read.

Also, do check out our forums, i've got a competition planned for it. Should have something about it by next week. Registration is free, so come on in!

Have a good weekend ;)

Updates: Tuesday, 5th November 2002 - David

Yesterday was a public holiday, Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. Best wishes to all readers who celebrate the occasion.

I got the forums up, still tweaking here and there, but so far, it looks good to be officially launched next week. Check out the forums (linked in the nav menu above), hump around and get back to me if you find any problems with it.

I've also just completed testing out 4 sticks of memory, the Corsair XMS 3200, Corsair XMS 3500, Mushkin DDR400, Crucial PC2700, as well as my older Crucial PC2100. the review should be done in a day or two.

Updates: Thursday, 31st October 2002 - David

Took a quick look at the Sunbeam 4" Cold Cathode Kit. For something so small, it puts out a decent amount of light, and can fit in really snug spots. Check it out!

Updates: Wednesday, 30th October 2002 - David

The OC article I wrote for InTech finally appeared here:

Pretty good feedback from some readers, so far. The best thing I like about the whole thing is, my site just got a whole lot more exposure to local readers. Keep it coming, fellas!

Updates: Tuesday, 29th October 2002 - David

Got my Overclocking article published in the local technology section, InTech, in the local paper, TheStar, today. (Try saying that 5 times as fast :P)Don't know if it'll be included in the online edition of TheStar, but when I checked, whetever was online was last week's stuff. The article was a rehash of my original Duron Overclocking article. Realised that I left quite a bit out, beats me how I could have left the article a tad incomplete. Hopefully, they'll let me submit a follow up.

Pretty cool to see my name in print for the first time ever :D Later, alligator!

Updates: Monday, 28th October 2002 - David

Finally got all my stuff moved into my new room, with the exception of the bed. That'll have to wait till I can get a lorry to move it to the new place, thus leaving me with the floor and a mattress to sleep on. On the bright side, the new room is 4 times the size of the old one, and is better ventilated. This means I can set part of the room aside as a 'test lab' of sorts.

Now I can finally start on the multitude of reviews that were supposed to be done last week :P

Updates: Thursday, 24th October 2002 - David

Half my stuff is in my new room. The other half is in my current room. My digicam is in the new room. So, no reviews this week. Bugger. Shifting is a bitch when they won't let you move in just yet.

Updates: Monday, 21st October 2002 - David

Finally got the A7V8X review done. Man, this is one kick-ass motherboard. I also discovered a few things about my hardware I never knew. For instance, did you know that my 2x 256MB PC2100 Crucial memory can hit 190 MHz at aggressive memory timings? W00t!! Man, I don't regret spending all that dough getting those sticks when Crucial memory first hit Malaysian shores in retail shops.

The next few reviews will primarily be based on either cooling or casemodding accessories. Lots of stuff in the works. The next few weeks are going to be busy!

Updates: Wednesday, 16th October 2002 - David

Started writing the A7V8X review, though I haven't started on the OC-ing tests just yet. The week so far has been busy for me, especially since i've been getting home around 9pm or so each night after work, which leaves very little time for the site. Nevertheless, once I get this over with, everything should be as peachy as before.

CoolerMaster has also agreed to sponsor 5 blue LED fans for the upcoming forums launching giveaway. I'm still trying to round up a couple more sponsors, to sweeten the pot.

Keep in touch!

Updates: Friday, 11th October 2002 - David

This weekend will be spent finishing up the A7V8X review, just a couple of benches more to go, and the I can commence overclocking the hell out of it. After the mobo, i've got a rheobus, a few heatsinks, and a fan roundup in the works.

Working on a forum too. Hope to get it done soon, and as usual, i'll be holding a giveaway to commemorate the forums. Possibly anothe redesign, though that's for much later.

Have a good weekend :)

Updates: Thursday, 10th October 2002 - David

Is it Thursday already? Man. Time flies by really fast. I discovered my MSI KT266A ARU mobo i'm using to compare to the Asus A7V8X has problems with Geforce4 cards. Probably an isolated incident, but it wouldnt work with my MSI Ti4200 I sent in for RMA the other day, neither would it work with an Asus Ti4600 I got on loan from Asus. Luckily, a friend of mine from OP Multimedia saved my ass with a 128MB Radeon8500, which worked in the MSI board. Bugger. That means I RMA-ed my MSI card for nothing. Bugger.

Updates: Monday, 7th October 2002 - David

I'm working on a motherboard review at the moment, so things might be a tad slow around here. Jerome is working on the forum software for the new 8BallsForums (or whatever we'll call it later). Things are looking up for us, though it's still me and Jerome handling the site. Jerome, buddy, if I didn't know you, i'm pretty much sure i'd be so bogged down I wouldn't know what to do :D

Got a bunch of new contacts and new stuff in for review soon, the hookup with local distributors is definitely a good one this round. Keep your eyes peeled for new developments around here. Till the next update, cheerio!

Updates: Wednesday, 2nd October 2002 - David

An hour or two after I posted the irock! 520 article, the server was taken down by some wacko hacker. Actually, not just the 8BallsHW server, but the server farm where our server is colocated, had some problems, and a couple of other servers were also taken down. About 7pm local time last night, the server was back up, with no data loss whatsoever. Phew.

Later during the day i'll be posting the ShatteredWeb appliques review, just a little more fiddling to go with the article!

-update- The appliques review posted, have a read. I'm just about to leave work, so i'll post the news tomorrow. ;)

Updates: Tuesday, 1st October 2002 - David

Posted a review of the irock! 520 mp3 player from Jerome. It looks sweet, though it's design reminds me a lot of a similar model from Compaq. Go and have a read :)

I should be done with the ShatteredWeb appliques review by tonight. I could have gotten it done earlier, but I had scalded half my left hand with hot soup last night. Now its tingling, itchy, and uber-tender. I now know how it feels to be cooked. Strangely, I felt the urge to sprinkle some salt and pepper on my boiled extremities and have a taste. Or maybe not.

Updates: Tuesday, 24th September 2002 - David

The In Tech article should be done by today hopefully. Then the next step is hoping that it's approved. If all goes well, I should see my name in print pretty soon :P

Did a little shuffling with the site. Re-added archiving. I guess for now news will continue to be done manually, since I have some free time during work each day.

The ShatteredWeb review is still in the works, pics all taken, just the writing left to do. Keep your peepers peeled!

Updates: Tuesday, 17th September 2002 - David

Back still hurts, but nowhere as bad as on Sunday. Must be the cheapo mattress I got when I moved into my rented room. *&^$^%#^%#^$^&

Installed the Coolermaster LED fan, and it looks darn sweet. Expect a review by tomorrow ;)

Updates: Monday, 16th September 2002 - David

Amazing how some companies can offer to sponsor giveaways, and then keep silent when contacted about the prizes for the winners. The Siteworks Pro giveaway ended sometime ago, after a few extensions given my lack of time to work on the site. Now they claim the prizes have been sent, whereas I had never even contacted them about the winners yet. I'll see if I can dig up some stuff I may have lying around, and send that to the winners instead.

On a side note, I've posted a review of a Spire alumiun heatsink, performs pretty well. Had this done awhile back but was lacking a working computer to actually finish editing the review. Next up is a review of the Coolermaster LED fan, a short one, in the next day or two. After that is a look at some window appliques from the Shattered Web.

I somehow got my back hurt last Saturday night doing some laundry. Handwashing bent over a pail will do that to ya. Now i'm sitting in my work chair, and it hurts like heck. Hope it's just a pulled muscle. Ouch.

Updates: Thursday, 12th September 2002 - David

Stuffing my system into the PC12 yesterday, I had to use a spare MSI kt266A board, as my Soltek was sent for RMA. As my lousy luck would have it, somehow my MSI ti4200 128MB baby decided to screw up on me. Wierd vertical colored lines abound each time I tried to post the machine. Brought it to the office, it works fine. Wierd. Tested it at a friend's PC store during lunch, also fine. Double wierd. Brought it back to where I bought it from, crapped up. The result? Warranty claim.


Now I need to rip out the TNT2 Vanta a friend loaned me from my office machine to bring back. Hope I didn't bork anything else. Bloody OS seems borked too. Prolly from all the resetting I did trying to get the machine to post.

Whee. I guess that puts the brakes on the couple of reviews i've been working on.

Updates: Wednesday, 11th September 2002 - David

Today's the first anniversary for the WTC incident, my thoughts go out to all who lost loved ones in the tragedy. Lets hope nothing else on this scale happens ever again.

On a side note, I got a second hand Lian Li PC12 with window + 92mm blowhole cut in it, all for RM 250! Thats roughly USD 65++ for the non-Malaysian readers :) Got a great deal on it, as the case is in quite good condition, a minor scratch here and there, but nothing obvious. Planning to replace my CPU with an XP1600 if I can find one, so I wont need to unlock the bugger. Most XP1600s nowadays are ARIOA stepping CPUs, and can hit 166Mhz FSB out of the box. *me crosses fingers*!

The site's a wee bit slow nowadays, but rest assured i'm working on getting content up from me and Jerome too. Keep your peepers peeled!

Updates: Friday, 6th September 2002 - David

Still waiting for the Siteworks people to reply. Haven't done much recently, been occupied with work related stuff, as also with an online store i'm coding for a friend. l'm planning to maybe get a new case, or a motherboard, for the gaming/test rig i'll be needing to use. I can't consistently rip up my work rig to install stuff, so i'll probably relegate my Soltek board and my old Duron to the work rig. Thinking of getting either an Epox 8K3A, or a Lian Li PC07. Suggestions?

Till next week, hope you all have a great weekend!

Updates: Tuesday, 3rd September 2002 - David

I couldn't get to updating the site since Thursday, as the Dreamweaver trial edition I was using at work expired on me. I don't like working using notepad, as the last time I did so, I screwed the website tracker. Anyhow, here's a review of Sunbeam Tech's latest product, the Multi COlor CCFL kit. Pretty sweet, i'd say, to combine 2 colors and more into one CCFL tube.

The Siteworks Pro giveaway is over, i'm finalising things with the sponsors at the moment. I just need to get in touch with them, seeing as I lost my entire contacts when my harddisk crashed a few weeks ago. I'll anounce and contact the winner in a day or two, hopefully.

The new week is beginning, as well is a new month. Lets hope this month will be a good one for all of us! Cheers!

Updates: Wednesday, 28th August 2002 - David

Got some pretty encouraging feedback on the DIY Spiral Wrap article. I'll be kicking out mini-mod articles from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for more. If there are any of you out there who'd like to contribute in terms of modding write-ups, feel free to contact me.

I've just finished watching a couple of good DVDs, namely John Q and Rules of Engagement. I only noticed today at the coincidence between both movies; the working man / loyal patrot gets screwed over by his own country and government. Pretty ironic. No offense to anyone, but the 'victim' in both movies also so happens to be African Americans. What gives? Major props to the actors for their superb performances. IMO, Sam L. Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones and Denzel Washington are two of Hollywood's best actors at the moment. It's funny though. Each time I see Sam L. Jackson, I think of Pulp Fiction.

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