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Xoxide 6 Port Baybus
review by David, 14 April 2003


With any running computer, there are bound to be fans inside. Some people might have only the CPU fan, while others may have more than one. Generally, the more fans there are inside a system, the more airflow is involved. With the extra airflow, usually there is better cooling. Of course, with all that extra air flowing around, there is bound to be an increase in the noise generated by all those fans blowing about. While maximum cooling might be preferable to some, there are others who only like to have that extra cooling when absolutely necessary; like while gaming for instance.

While doing tasks that don't stress your computer as much, like surfing, typing and listening to music, there isn't a need for all that extra cooling. A little less ambient noise might even be preferable for those who like to work without the distraction offered by the constant whir of spinning fan blades.

This is where the baybus comes in. The baybus, originally developed as a spinoff from Cliff Anderson's original fanbus, allows the user to manually adjust the speed of their fans inside the computer, compensating for when the extra cooling power is needed or otherwise.

Here we have the opportunity to check out Xoxide's 6 port baybus, a professionally made unit made available to the enthusiast at an affordable price.

Heres a description of the 6 port baybus from the Xoxide website:

The 6 port setup lets you control 50% more fans than previous versions of the Baybus controllers on the market. Sporting Green and Red LEDs, this does not only add function to your case, but also style. This baybus is awesome so you can leave your fans running silent while you are sleeping, or are not using the computer to its full potential.

The baybus can be switched from 12V - Off - Variable settings. The 12V full is indicated via the Red Lighting, off is indicated by no LED output, and Green signified the variable setting is active. Using a phillips screw driver (behind bezel), you are able to adjust the variable settings from 6.5V to 9.5V settings.

Each channel of the Baybus is rated for up to 9W of power flow. We do not recommend filling the baybus higher then the recommended output. The baybus comes with the unit, a drilling template, an instruction sheet, and a 4 pin Y adapter.

About Xoxide

Quoted from the Xoxide website, " was founded in early 2000 with a goal to provide the best computer case and computer cooling accessories available. We have been leading the cooling and modification industry, and vow to always provide the most cutting edge products. We ship our provides worldwide, and are located outside Philadelphia, PA in the United States."

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