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F1 Challenge ‘99 - ’02
review by voivod, 23 July 2003


F1 Challenge ‘99-’02 (F1C) is the latest F1 racing game from developer ISI and publisher EA Sports. The game title could easily be mistaken by the masses to be just a compilation of previous releases by EA Sports. However, upon closer look, the game brings so many improvements and new features to the popular F1200X series that it could be regarded as one of the best racing simulation to date.



The game features four complete seasons of F1 racing. All the different teams, cars, drivers and tracks are configured as they were for each of the F1 season from 1999-2002. The game does not offer a career mode like in F1 Career Challenge for PlayStation 2, but it allows you to choose any season/team/driver you like at any point of time. F1C also comes in only one disk, so the full installation of the game takes less than 1GB of hard disk space.


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