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GT Racing 2002 (Pc)
review by Voivod, 13 January 2002


GT Racing 2002 by Simbin Development Team is a mod for EA Sports’ F1 2002. You will soon find out it is not just another mod or conversion; it is a whole new gaming experience in itself. SBDT takes the game a few steps further in almost every aspect and turning it into one of the most amazing racing simulation ever created.

Editor's note: This game is in no way an official mod, but rather a collaborated effort from the SimBin Development Team. For more information on the game as well as links to download the mod, please check out this discussion thread at the SimMods forums. To install the GT Racing 2002 Mod you MUST have a FULL installation of Electronic Arts F1 2002.

GT Racing 2002 features

  • Thirty-seven 2002 cars which have been re-designed in line with the 2002 aerodynamics regulations
  • Extensively remodelled car dynamics which take account of revised aerodynamics of the 2002 cars
  • completely revised tyre models, featuring 4 different tyre brands with individual slip curves, wear rates and temperature tolerances
  • A real-time, dynamic suspension model which takes advantage of the super-high-rate physics engine
  • A sophisticated brake modelling system, with warm-up, optimum temperature and fade characteristics
  • Completely reworked AI system for an unprecedented level of racing realism
  • A unique menu system and game mode control user interface
  • 7 brand new tracks: Brands Hatch, Donington Park, Oschersleben, Sugo, Valencia, Mugello and Misano
  • An all new 10 round FIA GT championship mode
  • Brand new interior and exterior car sounds, menu soundtrack and Intro Video


Being a 270MB file, it is a pain to download but hey, it’s free. Installation is a breeze since it is unpacked with an easy installer. It will also leave all your F1 2002 files intact (not that you’ll be playing F1 again once you get into GTR!) as it automatically creates new folders in the F1 2002 directory. Once the installation is over, starting the game brings an intro movie that is not very impressive as it is shot at a low resolution to cater for lower end PCs. The pre-game menu then comes up in which you can select the class of car (GT/NGT/24 Hr), your team and car. Here you can also select to race with up to 36 cars, compared to just 22 in F1 2002. Initially I had a problem entering the Pre-game menu, but a quick browse at the SimMods Forums reveals that I need to use small fonts in my Display Properties.

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