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Corsair TwinX512-3200LL DDR Memory
review by David, 16 July 2003


Corsair isn't a new name to the market, as they've been around for quite some time providing consistently high quality memory modules for the discerning computer user. Corsair isn't exactly an old name around here either, as we have had the opportunity to check out their products before, namely the XMS3500 and XMS3200 memory modules in our last memory roundup.

With the recent release of new motherboard technologies for the desktop user, Intel and AMD users alike were presented with the Springdale, Canterwood and nForce2 series of products. Dual channel memory operation became a regular feature in most motherboards available on the retail front. With that, memory manufacturers have come up with product lines that were verified to work correctly in Dual Channel systems. Corsair now features the TwinX brand of memory modules in their product lineup.


To quote Corsair directly:

The TWINX memory kits are composed of two low latency memory modules that have been tested as a pair in an Asus A7N8X dual channel motherboard. The matched pair of modules are then physically packaged together, guaranteeing that the customer receives a product that has been verified in the dual channel environment. These memory kits are available in sizes of both 512 MByte (two 256 MByte modules) and 1 GByte (two 512 MByte modules), at speeds of either 333 MHz (also known as PC2700) or 400 MHz (also known as PC3200). These configurations are summarized below:

  • TWINX512-2700LL: 512 Mbytes, 333 MHz, low latency module pair, kit consists of two matched CMX256A-2700LL DIMMs
  • TWINX512-3200LL: 512 Mbytes, 400 MHz, low latency module pair, kit consists of two matched CMX256A-3200LL DIMMs
  • TWINX1024-2700LL: 1 Gbyte, 333 MHz, low latency module pair, kit consists of two matched CMX512-2700LL DIMMs
  • TWINX1024-3200LL: 1 Gbyte, 400 MHz, low latency module pair, kit consists of two matched CMX512-3200LL DIMMs

"TWINX memory kits take the guesswork out of dual channel motherboards," stated John Beekley, Vice President of Marketing at Corsair. "By using modules that have been 100 tested, as a pair, in this environment, the user can be confident in the performance and stability of his or her dual channel system."

Low latency refers to the memory timings used by the memory in question. The lower the timings, the lower the latency. Most memory modules sold nowadays come with default memory timings that are quite relaxed. Depending on the quality of a particular module, you can tweak it to run at lower timings i.e. lower latencies which results in better performance. However, most users don't feel comfortable digging into their computer's BIOS and fiddling with memory timings. What's more, most memory modules easily available aren't guaranteed to run at low latencies with any measure of stability. Corsair takes away the uncertainty and offers verified memory modules which can run stable at low latencies, where the timings have been programmed into the SPD (Serial Presence Detect) chip present on all memory modules, allowing the user to run the memory at optimum settings without having to enter the BIOS.

Just in case you were wondering, whats with the platinum series of memory, and the normal black-heatspreader series that Corsair normally has? None at all. The different heatspreaders are just for aesthetic appeal, and impact performance in no way whatsoever.

On the review block is a set of Corsair's TwinX512-3200LL memory modules. Two 256MB modules running at DDR400 speeds wth low latency memory timings.

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