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Arkua 6228 Socket A CPU Cooler
review by david, 11 December 2001


CPU coolers are one of the most important components in a computer, as with the high end CPUs nowadays, having an inadequate cooler will most certainly result in a burnt and dead processor, as well as liberal amounts of tears and pain from you and your wallet.

Not too long ago, we reviewed the Arkua 7228 cooler, a big-ass cooler which at the moment tops the list of coolers tested on my rig. 8Balls Hardware of course does have other coolers way better than the 7228, but those were tested on different rigs, more specifically, Terence's. He has a 1.4Ghz CPU, while i'm stuck with only a lowly Duron800@1Ghz. Hopefully, we'll have a centralized tsesting system, with maybe a testbench specifically for heatsinks.

Arkua Tech produces aluminium based coolers, as well as copper/aluminium hybrid coolers, where the cooler are mostly aluminium, but also have a copper core inserted in the middle. This allows for the copper to absorb heat from the processor faster, as well as utilising the heat dissipation superiority of the aluminium fins to disperse the heat accumulated by the cooler.

The Arkua 6228 is one of the coolers utilizing a copper insert. The downside of using copper inserts is that the performance of the heatsink in question is heavily influenced by how well the aluminium body is bonded to the copper insert, or vice versa. If the bonding process is improperly done, the heat absorbed by the copper cannot be properly transmitted to the aluminium fins.

My gratitude to Ms Peggy Wang of Arkua Tech for being a great help in obtaining the review sample. Lets take a quick look at the specifications of the Arkua 7228 cooler.

Specifications >>

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