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Thermalright AX-7 Review
review by david, 26 March 2002


Thermalright, one of the more prominent names in CPU cooler technology. With the SK-6 being the heatsink that brought them their claim to fame, they now have an even better and badder cooler to show, the Thermalright AX-7.

More than a few weeks ago, Thermalright sent a package over to my place containing their production version of the AX-7. The review was actually due weeks ago, but due to problems with studies and my system, I had to relegate the review to a later period. My apologies, as well as thanks to Chris from Thermalright for his patience.


The specifications of the AX-7 are quite short and simple, as taken from the Thermalright website:


  • Copper heat spread
  • High performance Aluminum based HSF
  • Minimized noise to performance ratio with low speed fan
  • Maximum efficiency thermal pad T725 by Chomerics

Technical Specifications

  • Dimension: L77 x W77 x H80 (mm)
  • Weight: 600g

AMD: Athlon XP Desktop CPU Palomino 2000+ and higher

Being a copper and aluminium hybrid, the cooler utilizes a copper plate soldered to the aluminium body of the cooler. How well the cooler performs will depend largely on the quality of the interface between the copper and aluminium parts of the cooler.

Lets take a look at the cooler itself.

A closer look >>

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