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Bitspower NP 80D Skived Heatsink Review
review by David, 10 April 2002


Performance heatsinks of today are mostly based around all-copper solutions or hybrid copper-aluminium designs, as well as utilizing high flow fans. Most everyone has counted out the usage of aluminium heatsinks, as most of them don't perform as well as their copper or hybrid counterparts.

Bitspower isn't exactly one of the more well known names in CPU cooling technology, though their skived heatsinks have been around for some time. Bitspower is unique in the sense that they have a whole line of coolers based around the skived fins design.

Skiving is basically the process of shaving the fins off the base of the heatsink, so that the fins and the base are all in one piece. This allows for maximum thermal transfer between the base and the fins. The shaving process also results in the fins having one smooth side, and one rough side. This helps increase surface area, resulting in better heat dissipation.

Bitspower sent over some heatsinks for review, and among them was the NP80D, an all aluminium heatsink, which is on the review block for today. Here are the specifications of the heatsink in question:

  • Support Socket 370, Socket 462/A
  • For AMD XP CPU Up To 2000+
  • Weight: 260g
  • Heat Sink Fin: 27 ± 1 Pin
  • Dimensions: L80 *W60 *H55 (mm)
  • Heat Sink Size: L80 *W60 *H35 (mm)
  • Fan RPM: 5500 ±10 % RPM
  • Air Flow: 28.95 ±5 % CFM
  • Noise: 41.5 dB/A

Lets take a look at the heatsink itself.

A Closer Look >>

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