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Below-0 Window Kit + Dual Slim Neons
review by david, 6 October 2001


Case modding has become rather mainstream nowadays, where the standard casemod usually is the mounting of a window in the side panel of your case, to show off the innards of your PC, as well as some form of illumination for the interior, usually a neon light. The neon light makes for a really cool addition as the window+neon usually looks best when in the dark with the neon turned on.


Having come aboard 8Balls Hardware as an official sponsor, Below-0 sent us a window kit as well as a set of their dual cold cathodes for review. This couldn't have come at a better time, since it was around that time that my old generic 300W PSU gave up the ghost, and also that I was currently interning at a local startup as part of my course requirements for university, thus allowing me to purchase a new case, specifically, a full tower. This coincidentally is also the first ever casemod article on 8Balls Hardware.

This review is a little late, my apologies to Mr Luke Turner and Below-0. A little background on Below-0: They are a prominent online store based in Australia, offering all sorts of accessories and equipment intended for overclockers and computer enthusiasts i.e. various brands of cooling solutions, casemodding supplies etc. They also ship internationally too, so thats a major plus for potential non-Aussie customers.

One small note I would like to make is that I wrote this article AFTER I installed everything. I did take a few pictures in between the process, but for the most part, pictures of the original packaging and whatever came in the mail aren't available. Sorry!

Anyhow, enough blabbering, on to the meat and potatoes of the review!

Below-0 Clear Perspex Window Kit >>

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