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Thermalright CB-6L Review
review by Terion, 3 November 2001


Thermalright. Mention it to anybody and the first thing that comes to mind is the Alpha and Globalwin killer, the Thermalright SK-6. Seems that they got it "thermally right" the first time, but how about the second try? Hence, the CB-6L., an experimental cooler, still not released for public consumption.

I would not call it a succesor to the SK-6 but rather a lower end or value edition for the rest of us who has a tighter budget. The CB-6L is a aluminium fin heatsink with a copper base. This aluminium + copper concept is getting to be quite popular these days as it theoretically provides better cooling then aluminium heatsinks and are cheaper than fully copper heatsinks, due to the fact that copper absorbs heat better than aluminium, which in turn dissipates heat better than copper. Theories aside, lets see how it performs, a little later in the review.

Anyhow, i'd like to extend my gratitude to Thermalright, and the ever helpful Chris Lee who helped us obtain this review sample. The review was actually due for quite some time (weeks? months?), but stuff popped up, so our deepest apologies to Thermalright for our snafu.


These specifications are provided from the manufacturer.


Processor support
  AMD Socket A
  Dimension 75 X 64 X 42mm
  Weight 225g (0.496lbs)
  Dimension 60 X 60 X 10mm
  Rated Speed 4800RPM
  Air Flow 19CFM
  Rated Voltage 12VDC
  Power Input 1.8W
  Rated Current 0.15A
  Noise Level 33.5dBA
  Bearing Vapor Bearing System
Heat Sink
  Dimension 75 X 64 X 32mm
  Material Aluminium with copper base

*It only states in the specification that the cooler is only for AMD Socket A processors.

From the specifications above, the fan looks to be quite silent. Rated at 19cfm, in the real world it should push way less than that amount, so that's definitely going to affect performance.

Lets take a look at the heatsink itself, shall we?

A closer look >>

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