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review by david, 29 July 2001


Zalman, the company that made its claim to fame with its attractive fan-shaped heatsink, is back again with the CNPS 5000-Plus. 8Balls Hardware reviewed the fan-shaped offering from Zalman, the CNPS3100 recently. We'll see if the one on the chopping block does better, as it is advertised.

Zalman's high end cooler, the CNPS 5000 Plus is another one of their all-copper solutions, this time looking more like your regular heatsink than their previous fan design, doing away with the fan bracket. One major difference with this heatsink is that you *must* have the four holes around your CPU socket to be able to mount it, as it doesn't use clips.

CNPS stands for Computer Noise Prevention System, which happens to be Zalman's aim, in which to provide maximum cooling at minimum noise. To date, practically all of their products incorporate an option to run their coolers in silent or normal mode, thus the inclusion of the noiseless connectors, which are basically fan connectors with resistors in between, to limit the amount of voltage the fan is getting, thus slowing it down. The reduction in the fan's RPM results in reduced noise level. If you've heard the infamous 7200 RPM Delta's whine, then you might have also read on various other hardware sites the attempts to run the fan at 7V instead of 12V to lower the fan's RPM and thus get rid of the irritating whine.

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