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Zalman CNPS 6500B-AlCu P4 Socket 478 Cooler
review by David, 24 May 2002


Most heatsinks nowadays all look the same, if not similar in design. More often than not, those heatsinks also require the use of high flow fans, to allow for faster removal of heat from the CPU. These high flow fans produce large amounts of noise, making your computer sound like a mini-hovercraft.

Enter Zalman. Zalman is a name long associated with silent cooling solutions for personal computers, combining good performance with good looks. They coined the term 'CNPS' of 'Computer Noise Prevention System' sometime ago, and as such, their product line is aimed at allowing the computer enthusiast to obtain the best performance from his or her computer, while maintaining a minimum noise level.

Well known for their flower shaped heatsinks, Zalman provides solutions for both Intel and AMD processor users. I've had the opportunity to check out their older models, namely the CNPS 3100, the CNPS5000 Plus, as well as their graphics cooling solution, the ZM17-Cu.

Today, I am pleased to present a review of Zalman's P4 Socket 478 solution, the CNPS6500B AlCu. Based on their well known flower design, this heatsink is a hybrid of copper and aluminium.

Lets check out the specifications for this baby.

Specifications >>

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