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review by David, 29 June 2003


Remember the IBM hard drive debacle sometime back? The one where multiple IBM hard drives just started dying out of the blue? On the other hand, there were users of the exact same drives who weren't having any problems at all with their IBM drives. The supposed difference? The IBM hard drives that ran without a hitch all had some form of hard drive cooling, either by way fans or hard drive racks which also doubled as hard drive coolers. On the other hand, that particular scenario wasn't the say all be all, due to some users claiming that their drives died even with sufficient cooling.

Nevertheless, that particular facet of the whole incident did raise the opinion that having proper cooling for hard drives was actually one of the more important steps in ensuring added longevity for your hardware as well as the data and information stored within.

Enter CoolerMaster's CoolDrive3. While CoolerMaster is more known for their line of excellent aluminum cases, they also happen to provide the enthusiast market with other types of products including thermal compounds, CPU coolers and also hard drive cooling solutions. The CoolDrive3 is CoolerMaster's latest hard drive cooling solution which attempts to blend visual flair with functionality. While I haven't had the chance to check out their other hard drive cooler; the DCD-4002; the CoolDrive3 should prove interesting.

Fan Specifications

Inner Fan: 40 x 40 x 20(mm)
Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
Rated Speed: 4500 RPM
Air Flow: 9.21 CFM
Noise Level: 29 dB(A)


2 blue neon LEDs at the front panel; best choice for show case.
Reduce hard drive surface temperature.
Suitable for any brand name hard drive.
Fits any 5 1/4 drive bay.
Supports both IDE & & SCSI standard.
Reduce hard drive noise.
Removable front panel & filter for easy cleaning

Before we get into the meat and potatoes, lets check out the package itself.

The Package >>

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