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Crucial Technology 256MB PC3200 DDR
article by David, 9 December 2003


We've had the opportunity to use many different types of memory modules of different makes, speeds and brands over at 8BallsHardware. One name that stands out in terms of reliability, stability and often overclockability is memory from Crucial. Weve played with the PC2100 variety as well as the PC2700 memory modules from Crucial before. While Crucial doesn't officially condone overclocking their memory, we were able to get pretty amazing stuff out of Crucial's PC2100 modules which were able to hit upwards of 190MHz speeds; about 60MHz more than their rated speed. When running at stock speeds, stability was exceptional, as Crucial traditionally uses slower memory timings compared to the competition, preferring to get that extra bit of stability and reliability instead. Getting a limited lifetime warranty on their memory modules also serves to sweeten the pot for end users.

We were recently sent a pair of 256MB PC3200 memory modules from Crucial. While the modules aren't exactly sold in dual-channel configurations, the two modules we had were identical, and worked flawlessly in dual-channel mode in our Intel Pentium4 test system. How well do they stack up against the competition? Read on to find out!


  • Module Size: 256MB
  • Package: 184-pin DIMM
  • Feature: DDR PC3200
  • Configuration: 32Meg x 64
  • Error Checking: Non-parity
  • Speed: 5ns
  • Voltage: 2.5V
  • SDRAM Timings:CL=3

Crucial's packaging is top notch as usual. The memory came in a corrugated cardboard box. The memory modules are wrapped in anti-static bags and slotted into grooves inside the box. The box looks to be able to handle most anything courier companies can throw at it, aside from directly crushing the box. Your memory will most definitely arrive in tip top shape.

Lets take a look at the contents of the box.

In the box >>

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