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Crucial 64MB CompactFlash
review by David, 15 June 2003


Items like PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras and so on all usually come with some form of upgradeable internal storage for storing all those MP3s, pictures, emails, programs and so on. With the proliferation of digital devices in the market, there has also been an increase in the demand for digital storage media for those devices. A multitude of storage types and formats are available for use on the aforementioned devices. CompactFlash, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, MMC, MicroDrive etc are among the names and phrases being thrown around. With prices of flash memory storage becoming more and more affordable, there is really no reason to put off getting some extra storage for your digital toy.

If you're looking for an affordable flash memory upgrade for your digital toys, and your device uses CompactFlash memory; Crucial has the goods for you. We recently received a 64MB CompactFlash card from Crucial for review.

About Crucial

Crucial is a company well known for it's memory solutions. Being a division of Micron, Crucial produces memory modules using Micron chips among others. Crucial's product line also happens to include CompactFlash (CF) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) solutions. To complement that segment of their line, Crucial introduced their own line of stationary and portable flash memory card readers. Recently we took a look at their 6-in-1 Portable USB Card Reader, which we will use to test the 64MB CompactFlash card for this review.

CompactFlash Technology

Here's some information on CF cards, taken from Crucial's website:

A CompactFlash memory card is a solid state disk card with a 50-pin connector. The pins provide a connection between the memory and the CompactFlash drive in your electronic device. CompactFlash cards are used more like a hard drive than RAM. They are designed with flash technology, a non-volatile storage solution that does not lose its information once power is removed from the card. The cards contain no moving parts and are extremely rugged, providing much greater protection of data than conventional magnetic disk drives. CompactFlash cards are commonly used in portable applications such as digital cameras, digital music players, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and test equipment. Crucial CompactFlash cards are available in 50-pin CompactFlash Type I. When buying CompactFlash, be sure it is the type of memory card your device takes. (Information on which memory cards are used by your system is included in the Memory Selector.) Crucial CompactFlash Type I cards can be used in a Type II or Type III PCMCIA slot with an optional adapter or with card readers that connect to USB ports and serial ports. CompactFlash Type I cards weigh just a half-ounce and are about the size of a matchbook (1.6" long, 1.4" high, and .13" thick). They are thinner and consume less power than Type II and Type III cards. They have two parallel rows of 25 pins on one edge of the card.

Lets take a closer look at the goods, shall we?

A Closer Look >>

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