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Three Way Copper Cooler Shoot Out
review by terion, 15 July 2001



In a world where cooler CPUs mean more speed and increased stability, there is no substitute for a high efficient CPU cooler. Almost all coolers are made out of Aluminium, which dissipate heat very efficiently but does not absorb heat at the same rate. Copper on the other hand, absorbs heat like there's no tomorrow.

The reason that there are less copper coolers than aluminium is because of the cost. Coppers cost much more than aluminium which makes it an unpopular choice until recently. Another reason is that copper is heavy compared to the lightweight aluminium which makes it dangerous to use on CPUs. A normal aluminium heat sink might weight in at less than 200g but a copper one would come in more than 300g.

Nevertheless, copper coolers are gaining popularity now because of the increasing heat dissipation of modern CPUs like the Athlons and the Pentium 4s especially at speeds above 1GHz.

Today we compare 3 copper coolers from different manufacturers. The Global WIN CAK38, the Kanie Hedgehog 238M and the Power Cooler PCH137 are all made of copper to cool even the hottest CPU.

The Contenders : Global WIN CAK38 >>

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