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DIY Fanbus
article by David, 23 August 2002


Being an overclocker often means you would almost certainly have a ton of fans in your system, moving the cool air in, and the hot air out. Having many fans also means having to somehow manage the clutter of wires and cabling that comes with the fans themselves. Another problem would be finding enough molex splitters to cater for all those fans.

This is where a fanbus comes in. A fanbus is basically a device that allows for centralised wire management for your fans. All the power cables for the fans go to one spot, where you will only need one molex connector to power up your fans.

There are many places you can source a fanbus, one place is from Cliff's Fanbus, the home of the original fanbus. You can also source for pre-made fanbuses from online stores all over. The only downside is price. You pay quite a high price for those things, although they are usually very well made, and have a neat and professional look.

Unless of course, you're like me. Trying to skimp where I can. Being cheap, basically. Generally, a fanbus will cost you upwards of USD 10 (RM 38), and thats not including shipping. I will show you how to make yourself a fanbus, which looks pretty much decent, at a fraction of the price.

My goal? A fanbus for under RM 10 (USD 2.60+).

I've actually made one before this, as per the pic below, though I will redo another fanbus for the purposes of this article.

The pictures might seem a litle blurry, blame that on my crap digicam, sorry about that. They are clear enough to get the point across, though. Without further ado, lets get it on!

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