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D.I.Y Spiral Wrap
article by David, 26 August 2002


Inside your computer is usually a mess of cables. IDE cables, PSU power cables, floppy cables, fan wires etc etc. You name it, its there. The mess of cables, if not properly organised, can contribute to bad airflow through your case. And as we all know, bad airflow = higher case temperatures. Higher case temperatures lead to higher CPU temperatures. Not a very desirable scenario. Thus, to clear and tidy your case of wires to allow for optimum airflow, some opt to use spiral wrap.

Spiral wrap is sometimes hard to get, depending on where you are. There are some online stores selling spiral wrap, but often at a high price.

In this short article, I show you an alternative to conventional spiral wrap, using materials you can easily find at most department stores, which won't break the bank.

The Materials

A pair of scissors, a fine tipped permanent marker pen, and some length of transparent tubing. The size and diameter of the tubing is entirely up to you. If you want to wrap a thick bunch of cables, like PSU cables, or IDE cables, then get appropriately sized tubes to use.

What to Do


Take the permanent marker, and mark around the tubing, a spiralling line, as shown in the picture above. You can vary the width of the lines going round, according to your preferences.

Then, take the scissors and then cut the tubing following the lines you just drew. The reason I used a permanent marker was so that the lines drawn wouldn't be rubbed out by me when handling the tube during cutting.

When you're finished cutting, voila! Your own DIY spiral wrap.



The blue marker I used leaves a nice blue outline on the spiral wrap. The small diameter tubes I used make the wrap I made perfect for wrapping around the wires of my DIY fanbus.

There are many variations to how you can cut the tubing. You could simply forego the spiral cutting, and simply just cut straight down to tube, though that would make the tube less flexible in terms of holding together a bunch of wires. Experiment with the best style for yourself, as only you know what you like.

The tubing cost me RM 1 for a 3 foot length of 0.5cm diamter tubing. In comparison, a similar length of spiral wrap will cost 3 times as much if bought locally here in Malaysia, and our selection is limited to only one size. Transparent tubing can be found in a variety of sizes, thus you can vary the sizes of tubes used according to your needs.

I hope this short article helped you some in your quest to get the most out of your system, for the least amount of money.

Thanks for reading, hope you check back for more articles, news and reviews. Comments and questions are most welcome.


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