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TI.T.I Dr Thermal V77L Heatsink Review
review by David, 7 December 2001


CPU coolers are one of the most important components in a computer, as with the high end CPUs nowadays, having an inadequate cooler will most certainly result in a burnt and dead processor, as well as liberal amounts of tears and pain from you and your wallet.

Some time ago, we reviewed the Thermal Integration FO-BE25D, a cooler which was strikingly similar to the Thermosonic Thermoengine of fame. Now, Thermal Integration took the FO-BE25D, which happened to be a prototype cooler, made a few changes here and there, and released the Dr Thermal V77L cooler, based on the radiating fin design of the original Thermoengine.

Remember the whole hoo-hah about the hollow and solid core thermoengines? Thermosonic broke up into two companies, Thermal Integration, and Arkua Technology Co. Ltd. Both companies are managed by former personnel from the original Thermosonic, as well as producing heatsinks that look strikingly similar.

Thermal Integration produces aluminium based coolers, as well as copper/aluminium hybrid coolers, where the cooler are mostly aluminium, but also have a copper core inserted in the middle. This allows for the copper to absorb heat from the processor faster, as well as utilising the heat dissipation superiority of the aluminium fins to disperse the heat accumulated by the cooler.

My gratitude goes out to Ms Elaine from Thermal Integration for being really kind to hook us up with a review sample. We were supposed to have reviewed this cooler quite some time ago, thus apologies to Thermal Integration for the delay are in order.

Lets take a look at the specifcations of the cooler.

Specifications >>

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