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Enermax Temperature Monitoring Drive Rack Review
review by david, 22 June 2001


Temperature monitoring devices are extremely useful things to have around, especially for an overclocker. Monitoring the temperature of his or her system, as well as that hot hot overclocked gigahertz thunderbird is of utmost importance, lest somewhere, somehow, a crucial fan stops spinning and that precious expensive tbird burns up. There are basically 2 ways to monitor temperatures in a computer system, internal monitoring, and external monitoring. I would define external monitoring in this case as the usage of external equipment to monitor temperatures, whereas internal monitoring would equate to using a specialized piece of software on your system, to process output from on-board temperature sensors as provided by all motherboard manufacturers nowadays. Such software would include Motherboard Monitor, among others. Externally, however, the most basic piece of equipment used in temperature monitoring would be the thermistor, which is basically a little sensor that detects temperature differences in the air or material surrounding it.

One such temperature monitoring device that can be found in many places is the Compunurse, a simple LCD screen to which is attached a thermistor. A lot of companies have made use of this little device to make their own tmperature monitoring solutions, such as the Senfu Thermal Probe @ Senfu Thermometer. One other product would be the Enermax Temperature Monitoring Drive Rack, which is the item on the review block this time round.

The Enermax Rack (which is what i'll be referring to it as), is basically a plastic 5 1/4 inch drive bay, and a matching panel, where to the panel are affixed 2 compunurses. The way I see it, its intended as the easy way for a person to be able to monitor the temperatures of any two objects in their system.But why have the rack in the first place? To do that, all you would need is to have the modified panel only. Well, as the illustrations on the box indicate, you can mount a harddisk or two 80mm fans onto the rack as well.

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