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Enermax EG651P-VE Power Supply
review by David, 22 June 2003


Power supplies are often the most overlooked component in your system, but is in fact one of the most important of all your hardware. The quality of the power supply used in your PC greatly affects the stability of your computer, as well the longevity of the hardware powered by the power supply. To overclockers, who regularly push their systems to the extreme, the quality of the power supply may mean the difference between a stable overclock or random crashes, lockups and general hardware failure. To users who have loaded systems; multiple hard drives, optical drives, dual processors and fully occupied PCI slots etc; having a robust power supply is essential to proper operation for all that hardware.

We're reviewing the Enermax EG651P-VE power supply, which is essentially a 550W unit. We'd like to thank LCTech Sdn Bhd for providing the review unit.

About Enermax

Enermax Technology Corporation was founded in 1989 by a group of young professional, enthusiastic, and high-tech oriented people in Taiwan. The Enermax founders left high-profile positions from prestigious computer firms, bringing over 10 years of professional experiences to our own firm.

The main products Enermax carries are switching power supplies, PC cases, industrial PC cases, pedestal and tower server cases, CPU coolers, second fans, mobile racks and other peripherals.Enermax has its own design groups and production line. For convenience and better service to our customers worldwide, Enermax has established branch offices with warehouses at Hamburg in Germany, Los Angeles and Fremont in the United States, Saitama in Japan and Hong Kong in Mainland China, Paris in France.

Lets check out the specifications on this baby.

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