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frontx multimedia extension ports review
by david, 9 April 2001 (updated 18 June 2001)


Its not everyday when you can see just anyone come up with an innovative product to further enhance your usage of your computer, whether for leisure or for work. By 'innovative' I mean simple things, not those newfangled hi-tech thingamajigs that you see pop up in stores and in online shops everywhere. Stuff like the Mouse Bungee from Everglide. Stuff like the FrontX Multimedia Extension Ports from Frontx CPX Sdn Bhd, which is on the review block today.

Not exactly a new product to the market, the FrontX ports have been around for quite a while. I first read about it on Overclockers Australia. I then discovered that it was made by a Malaysian company, FrontX CPX Sdn Bhd to be exact. I thought of buying one, but then I saw the pricetag: USD 25. Ouch. Then when I visited their website, I also found out that FrontX CPX supplied review units, if they deemed fit. What the heck, it deserved a shot. I dropped off an email to Susan, their friendly Salaes Manager. After a few emails back and forth, success! The first review unit in the 8BH labs from a manufacturer. The package arrived roughly 2-3 days after confirmation of shipping. This review came after a week of usage in my personal setup.

Hoo Yeah BABY!

Whats in the package?

One thing i must commend FrontX CPX on is their packaging method. The FrontX Ports came wrapped in foam, sort of like what comes in your graphics card boxes, expect a much much bigger piece. This ensured (obviously) that the package arrived safe and unharmed, which is also a small miracle in itself considering how the Malaysian postal system *handles* mail.


Whats in the package? Of course the FrontX panel, the cables that run from your soundcard to the panel, plus a nice detailed manual on how to install the ports, not that it takes knowledge of rocket science to install. Still, its a very nice touch to see that manufacturers actually care enough about their products. To be commended also is the high standard of English used in the manual. There are quite a number of hardware manufacturers that produce great hardware, but have sucky documentation. Also included was the usual brochures and press releases. Another thing that not many vendors include in their packages that involve some mounting in CDROM or HDD bays, are *screws*. Included in the package was 4 screws total, plus the PCI/ISA slot cover.

Mounting & testing the FrontX ports >>

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