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CaseAce GearGrip PRO Review
review by Jerome, 10 January 2001


One of the biggest problems today with a Lan-bang is hauling all the necessary equipment. I have always found it to be problematic to lug a mid-tower case, 21" monitor, necessary accessories and a case of beer. For some people this might not be issue, but what about the poor souls like myself with skinny geek arms?

Enter the GearGrip PRO, a well designed harness for computers of all sizes.

This product fills a need amongst LAN gamers that has been primarly been dominated by traditional non-specialized bags (i.e. backpacks), which do not quite meet the requirements of many people.

Many thanks to the people at CaseAce for sending us the sample for review. Let's take a closer look at what the GearGrip Pro has offer at face value.


Here is a brief listing of specs pilfered from the CaseAce website for your inline viewing pleasure.

  • Standard size fits cases up to 52" (132 cm) in circumference. (Most desktop, mini and mid- tower cases)
  • Large size fits cases up to 70" (178 cm) in circumference (full- tower cases)
  • Case must be at least 13" (33 cm) deep
  • Carrying capacity up to 70 lbs (32 kg).
  • Color: Black
That said let's dive right into what you came here for besides to see me ramble... the product itself.

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