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Generic 256MB pc133 SDRAM
review by Grunt, 8 September 2001


Many people take their system's RAM for granted. However, they don't realise that their choice of RAM affects their system's performance and stability. Not all RAM modules are created equal. Today, we take a look at a generic 256MB PC133 SDRAM with ECC (Error Correction Coding) memory module, supposedly Micron branded. SDRAM of this make and supposed brand can be found aplenty right now, which would normally be regarded with a more critical eye, but since it IS ECC SDRAM, its something which isn't that openly available at the moment.

RAM Specs:
Stick model no.: 8LSDT3272G-133B1 03124B06
Chip Model no.: 4BLC32M4A2
Latency: 2-2-2 up to 100MHz, 3-3-3 up to 133MHz
Special Features: ECC
Other notes: Dual-bank (Double-sided), 18 chips.

As, you can see, it is an average performer on paper, only rated for use at 3-3-3 latency at 133MHz. This particular stick was used in a server, where performance was second to stability, so this was not an issue. However, it will matter if you want a high performing stick of RAM. OK, on to the benchmarks!

Test system

Test System Specs:
Processor: AMD Duron 650 (100MHz * 6.5)
Motherboard: Asus A7V revision 1.02, BIOS revision 1008
Chipset: VIA KT133 northbridge, (686A southbridge, VIA 4-in-1 4.32)
Video Card: Prolink Pixelview Geforce 2 MX (nVidia reference drivers 12.41)
RAM: Micron 256MB PC133 SDRAM with ECC
Operating System: Windows ME

*The other components can be overlooked since they do not affect the performance of your RAM. Also, the speed of the hard disk is irrevelent because the test does not involve hard disk I/O.

NOTE: ECC performance could not be tested because the test platform (VIA KT133 chipset) does not support this feature.

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