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Globalwin Heatsink Head 2 Head: CAKII38 vs SAK38
review by Terion, 5 January 2002


GlobalWIN is a company that needs no introduction in the overclockers realm. With legendary coolers such as the huge FDP32 and the screeching Delta mounted FOP38 under their belt, one would expect nothing less higher performing coolers from them.

After the disappointing CAK38 and the WBK series, which saw other cooler brands such as Alpha and Swiftech gaining a bigger foothold in the ever competitive heatsink cooler market. In retaliation and what we perceive as an action in hoping to get their loyal customers back, GlobalWIN has released a number of new coolers, among which include the SAK38 and CAKII38.


Previously, we took a look at their CAK38 in our Copper Cooler Shootout, as well as their FOP32-1 and FOP38 series coolers in our YSTech 60mm vs Delta 60mm fan comparison. Today we are going to take a look at the SAK38, an aluminium heatsink with a forged copper base and the all new CAK38 II which was what the original was meant to be in the first place: A solid one piece molded copper heatsink.

My gratitude to Danny Lim of Overclockers Paradise for loaning us these coolers to review.

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