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CoolerMaster Hyper 6 P4/K8 Heatsink KHC-V81
article by David, 2 May 2004

In The Box

CoolerMaster packs quite a lot into the box. You get a set of mounting hardware for installing the fan controller, a universal mounting bracket for installing the Hyper 6, a bag of screws and thermal paste, a folded instruction manual and finally the Hyper 6 itself.

The fan CoolerMaster provides is a clear 80mm fan. Powered by a 4-pin molex connector, the fan is rated at 0.24A at 12V. No information on rated airflow was available, though we estimate airflow to be a little higher than CoolerMaster's Neon LED fan. The fan comes with a RPM monitor which you attach to the CPU fan header on your motherboard. The fan's RPM can be controlled by a potentiometer, which directly controls the amount of airflow and noise, though the potentiometer doesnt turn off the fan totally, but rather slows the fan down at its lowest setting of about 1900 RPM or so. You have the option of mounting the controller either in a spare PCI slot, or am open 3.5" bay. CoolerMaster provides the necessary mounting equipment for this.

The folded instruction manual CoolerMaster provides comes in nine languages, and provides clear instructions throughout. One nitpick with this particular inclusion is that the accompanying illustrations and pictures are much too small to be of any real use.

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