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Vantec Iceberq4 Pro Premium VGA Cooling Kit
article by David, 21 September 2003


Practically all graphics cards nowadays come with cooling systems designed to remove heat from the GPU for optimum performance, as well as safeguarding your precious investment from toasting away. For the most part, the stock cooling solutions on graphics cards are usually adequate for the task. Some users on the other hand, prefer third party solutions which potentially perform better, as well as gaining extra points in the aesthetics department.

This is where Vantec comes into the picture. A well known manufacturer of excellent and quality cooling products, Vantec caters to enthusiasts who want better cooling solutions for their valued hardware.

The Iceberq4 Pro Premium VGA Cooling Kit is meant to replace your stock graphics card cooling solution. Sporting a Blue LED fan, this kit also caters towards case-moddign enthusiasts who want a little extra personalisation in their mean machines.


As you can see, the Iceberq4 Pro has some pretty decent specs. At a rotation speed of 5500RPM, 8.6 CFM is nothing to sneeze at for a fan that size. Compatibility-wise, you don't have a lot to choose from. Nevertheless, Vantec also provides a different model of VGA cooler; the Iceberq4 (withouth the 'Pro'), which caters for all other models of graphics cards not listed in the image above.

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