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Icemat Mousing Surface
review by David, 22 July 2002


When purchasing a new computer, one component easily overlooked is the mousepad. Mousepads come in all shapes and sizes, the most common being the cloth/rubber mousepads usually given free at computer trade shows, or bought for very cheap. While being practical and usable enough, those cheap mousepads don't last very long, often becoming flattened in places due to wear and tear, ultimately becoming uneven, causing mousing actions to be less precise and uncomfortable.

I've used many mousepads in the past, both cheap, as well as the premium and slightly more expensive, including the Ratpadz, and the Everglide mousing surfaces. These two mousepads can be considered the more expensive mousepads, costing upwards of RM 50 (USD 13+) depending on where you can find them for sale. Our reviews of both the mousepads can be found here(Ratpadz) and here(Everglide).

One other well known premium mousing surface is the Icemat, which was kindly provided to us for review, by Micheal, from Soft Trading. The Icemat was released quite some time ago, by Soft Trading, a company based in Denmark. The original Icemat was made of translucent glass, with the frosted look, and was targetted at people who used ball mice. The review pad sent to 8BallsHW is the Black Icemat, which is basically identical to the original, just that it has a layer of what looks like black paint on the bottom.


Let's take a quick look at the Icemat, as well as what came in the box.

A Closer Look >>

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