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Lamps Electronics Cold Cathodes
review by David, 10 November 2002


When looking for cold cathode kits to complete your new casemod, it's fairly common to find more than one brand of cold cathode available on the market. As most people buy from retailers, online or offline, there are many choices available to the would-be-purchaser.

One such alternative comes from Lamps Electronics. Based in China, though they don't actually sell any cold cathodes to the end user, they do manufacture their own range of cold cathodes which are then sold to distributors or retailers worldwide.

Awhile back, Lamps Electronics contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their cold cathodes. As this offer came right after I had just published a couple of cold cathode reviews based on Sunbeam Tech's products, I felt it was a good opportunity to check out competing products. A week and a couple of days later, a package containing 2 inverters and 5 cold cathodes of various colors and lengths arrived at my door.

Lets take a closer look!

A Closer Look >>

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