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Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel
review by Voivod, 9 March 2003


Ever since SBDT released the awesome GTR 2002 mod (reviewed here), I have been itching to get my hands on a proper racing wheel. I chose to get the new model by Logitech, the MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel.

MOMO Racing

MOMO Force

The MOMO Racing wheel is the little brother of the popular MOMO Force wheel, both wheels obviously designed by MOMO ( The MOMO Force was much more expensive retailing at USD199 (~RM 765) when it was first introduced a few years ago. It has luxury features such as fully leather-wrapped wheel, aluminum paddle shifters and aluminum skid plates on pedals. The MOMO Racing comes without most of the frills of the MOMO Force but with additional features such as the stick shifter, better clamping method and carpet grip strip on the pedal base, along with a lower introductory price of less than USD100 (~RM 380).

When I first saw the box containing the wheel at my local store, I was quite surprised on how big it is, plus it is quite heavy too, weighing in at around 10kg. Upon opening the box at home, I found that the wheel and the pedals are neatly packed in between carton liners. The packaging also contains the power adapter for the force feedback motor, the driver CD and an installation manual.

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