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Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse
review by david, 6 June 2001


One day, some smart person looked at the computer and said, well hey, lets make the computer more user friendly, and give it nice looking pictures. To actually navigate around the pictures and stuff, lets make us a pointer thingy, called a 'mouse'. OK, OK, it *could* have happened that way :D Seriously apeaking, mice have got to be one of the most underrated pieces of equipment that make up the personal computer. You can have a kick-ass computer, 19" LCD monitor, but if you suddenly go cheap-ass and get one of those lousy RM 10 (USD 2.6+) mice, I and the rest of the hardcore PC community can guarantee your super-PC experience will be crap. Most mice nowadays have a scroller wheel, allowing you to scroll up and down, as well as sideways in some cases. Optical mice are also becoming more and more common, as they get cheaper and more affordable to the not-so-deep wallet.

Logitech, one of the major names in the mouse industry, is 99% of the time associated with quality mousing equipment, as well as gaming peripherals such as gamepads. The Logitech Wheel Mouse Optical is one of the high-end optical mice to be found on the current market. Actually the cheapest optical mouse in Logitech's line, it retails for roughly RM 120 (USD 31.60). In one or two shops, I found it going for as low as RM 105 (USD 27.63), but that was AFTER I had already bought it. Oh well.

What exactly are optical mice? From a bird's eye view, they look about the same as any mouse would look like, in general. From below however, instead of finding a rubber ball, as you would normally find on regular mice, you find an LED instead. The LED is part of an optical sensor, which in laymans terms, is much like a mini camera. It takes lots of 'pictures' of the surface of where your mouse is lying on, compares it to previous pictures taken, thus determining which way you moved the mouse on the mousepad or table top, and translating that into movement on your computer desktop or work area.

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