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mouse skatez review
review by david, 20 May 2001


A product that most of you have already heard about is the Mouse Skatez. Designed as a solution for gamers or computer users who want smoothness with mousing and also freedom from problems e.g. mouse not tracking properly, crap for traction on mousepads (a.k.a. too broke / cheap to get a proper mousepad e.g. the Ratpadz) and so on and so forth. Some smart guy found out that by sticking what seems to be teflon tape on the feet of the mouse, it improved smoothness on the mouse movements. He must have thought "Wow! I bet no one thought of this yet! Alright! Its money making time!" A month or two so later, the Mouse Skatez was introduced to the market, and took hardcore computer users by storm! Okay. maybe I exaggerated quite a bit there :D But you get the point.

When I read reviews about the Mouse Skatez popping up here and there, I thought to myself, no way two small pieces of tape can have so much effect on something as simple, but essential as mousing. I decided to do something about it, and popped a quick email to Mouse Skatez requesting for a review sample. A week or two later, the envelope arrived in the mail and I was all set to experience the Mouse Skatez for myself.

What You Get

The envelope contained a letter of sorts detailing the merits of the Mouse Skatez, as can be found on the Mouse Skatez website, along with a small packet of alcohol swabs, and the 2 strips of Mouse Skatez, about 4 inches in length for each strip. The alcohol swabs can be found in practically every pharmacy or store, and aren't hard to find. Nice touch though, as this is extremely convenient for the first time user. Why first time? Most probably your mouse will be so cruddy that by the time you finish cleaning it with the provided swab, the swab will be so dirty that using it to clean another mouse would most probably dirty the mouse feet even more.

As quoted from the Mouse Skatez website, "Mouse Skatez are made of super slippery stuff. They're about as slippery as a surface can get. Most mouse feet are not as slippery as the stuff from which Mouse Skatez© are made. What ever mouse pad you use - EverGlide, 3M PMS, IceMat, fUnc 1030 - when you fit your mouse with a new pair of Mouse Skatez© your mouse will glide more smoothly than ever before. Each order contains enough material to outfit two mice." Hmm, interesting. But I noticed in the blurb where mousepads were mentioned, the RatPadz wasn't in the list. I can only deduce that this must be due to the *competition* between Everglide and Ratpadz, as the Mouse Skatez are currently being marketed by Everglide.

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