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CoolerMaster Musketeer 2 LLC-U03
article by David, 17 March 2004

In The Box

The new Musketeer 2 comes with three analogue displays. Two are for displaying audio intensity for both the left and right stereo channels whereas the remaining analogue dial displays HDD activity levels.

The two sound level adjusters do not actually adjust sound intensity, but rather adjust the sensivity of both analogue dials for the left and right stereo channels to the sound output from your sound card. This particular feature is lost on users who have speaker setups greater than the 2.1 configuration though.

HDD activity comes via the HDD LED connector from your motherboard. CoolerMaster provides a set of cables which allows you to pass the HDD activity signal through the Musketeer 2, and back out to the HDD LED indicator on your case, so that both the HDD analogue dial and LED on your case will react when there is any HDD activity going on.

For experienced computer enthusiasts, connecting the HDD activity cables should be easy and hassle free. New users however might run into a snag, as the instructions in the manual for that particular part of installation can get confusing.

CoolerMaster also provides a set of pass through cables for the stereo channel monitoring function. A PCI backplate with the proper wiring runs two cables to the Musketeer 2; one for each channel. The backplate has two ports, one to connect your speakerconnector to, and the other to connect to your sound card's speaker output.

Since CoolerMaster touts color changeability as one of the major features of the Musketeer2, its only natural that they provide a means to change the color of the analogue dial backlighting. You have an option of using a PCI-slot switch, or a 3.5" bay insert with a chrome switch mounted dead center. As always, the finish is excellent and the inserts should fit in well with just about any case. The 3.5" bay insert's color matches that of the Musketeer2, so if you have a silver unit, the drive bay insert will be silver as well.

Here's a quick look at how everything hooks up together. Having so many cables hanging out of one spot might add a wee bit of a headache to enthusiasts who prefer a neat and tidy interior, as extra effort to rerout and hide the cable mess is definitely necessary.

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