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review by telvince, 1 September 2001


Power Cooler is a relatively new name in the Malaysian coolers market. We took a look at one of their coolers not too long ago, the PCH137. Design of some of their coolers are quite radical especially the the one being reviewed here, the PCH075 (but then again which new cooler hasn't got a radical design these days).

Compared to the PCH137, this cooler looks more like a cooler from Thermaltake's Orb series. The only visible deference being Power Cooler's patented twin bladed fan mounted on top of the heat sink as on the PCH137. Unlike the original Orbs, the PCH075 has a copper core. Mounted by the 70mm fan, it tends to vibrate quite a bit.


There are the specifications which are provided by the manufacturer.

Power Cooler ( PCH075)

  Dimension 70 X 70 X 60mm
  Weight 275g (0.606lbs)
Fan (T&T)
  Dimension 70 X 70 X 20mm
  Rated Speed 6800RPM
  Air Flow 39.65CFM*
  Rated Voltage 12VDC
  Power Input 6.96W
  Rated Current 0.58A (Max)
  Bearing System Ball Bearing System
  Noise 48.57dBA
Heat Sink
  Dimension 62 X 62 X 40mm
  Material aluminium alloy and copper core

*Highly suspected

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