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Skyhawk PSR5601 Aluminium Case
review by David, 16 March 2003


Aluminum cases are becoming mainstream among casual and enthusiast computer users alike. We have multiple brands and makes of aluminum cases, more notably Lian Li and Coolermaster, who are two of the biggest names in the aluminum case industry. Contrary to what PR and marketing people have to say about the benefits of having an aluminum case, they don't really do anything for case cooling. On the contrary, I feel that aluminum cases are good simply because of their weight. Aluminum frames weigh a fraction of similarly configured steel cases, making it less of a back breaking job lugging your uber-machine to the nearest LAN party. The cooling properties of aluminum cases most probably was a side result of a properly designed interior, with a sufficient amount of fans in the proper places for optimum airflow.

Skyhawk Group is a case manufacturer that has included aluminum cases into their lineup. They have a significant number of different models available, and were very kind to drop one by the 8BallsHardware labs for testing, specifically the PSR5601 case. Here's a short blurb about Skyhawk:

Sky Hawk is one of the most renowned manufacturers and distrbutors of computer products in Greater China. After years of untiring efforts,the Group has become an eminent supplier of the most complete line of computer and server peripherals in the region and has devloped a wide range of other products for its customers. Apart from the manufactrue of premium computer peripherals ,it also focuses on developing and manufacturing the IPC networking server barebone system, which comprises server cabinet, fast ethernet switch, KVM switch, IPC chassis, UPS, redundant power supply, hot swap mobile rack, patch panel and cable connector. In addition, via introducing state-of-the-art technologies,the Group is able to provide total solution to its customers.


Here are some quick specifications on the PSR5601, taken from the Skyhawk website.

Product Specification:

  • The series PSR is applicable to Personal Computer,PC server system and so on
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • 6 x 3.5' bays
  • 4 x 5.25' bays
  • Dimensions(mm): 485 x 200 x 410(D x W x H)
  • Motherboard: ATX,Micro ATX,P3,P4
  • Power supply: free select
  • PCI reinforcement bar for firmness
  • Thumb screws easy for disassemble
  • Fans on both front and rear for the air flow circulating thoroughly
  • Front panel with multi-media/USB/IEEE1394 modular ports (optional)

I'd like to thank Skyhawk for providing the review case.

The Package


The box that came was about the size of your standard mid-tower casing box. Inside, the casing is well protected by ample amounts of styrofoam padding.. No worries about damage here, folks, Skyhawk takes care of their packages pretty well.

Inside the case was a box of extras. There was an ATX backplate, an extension wire for the power LED, as well as a bag containing miscellaneous screw of different sizes as well as brass motherboard standoffs and plastic motherboard standoffs.

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