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Below Zero Puma + 60mm Fan Roundup
review by david, 30 March 2002


I still get a lot of emails from people asking whether or not they should change to a higher speed fan from a lower speed one they have, or whether or not getting a high speed fan will work wonders for their cooling setups for their CPUs. I also get emails asking me on whether copper heatsinks are really necessary, and whether or not it is still alright to stick to aluminium jobs to cool their new AthlonXP processors.

Below Zero was kind enough to send over a package containing a bunch of 60mm fans, as well as an aluminium heatsink, the Below Zero Puma on which to test the fans. Incidentally, the Puma has been replaced by the Puma2 on their website.

The fans include:

  • AVC 60x60x25 5000rpm fan (AFB0612EH - came with the Puma)
  • Delta 60x60x25 6800rpm fan (Black Label)
  • Delta 60x60x38 8000rpm fan (FFB0612EHE)
  • YsTech 60x60x15 47000rpm fan (NFD1260157B-1A)

Basically, this will be a combination review, of the Below Zero Puma, as well as using the heatsink as a testpad for the various fans, we'll see how well different fans affect heatsink performance, as well as seeing how well all-aluminium heatsinks perform on today's current crop of processors.

Lets take a look at the Puma itself.

A Closer Look >>

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