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ratpadz mousing surface
review by david, 17 March 2001


Mousing surfaces are being considered one important aspect of your everyday computer setup. Having a good mousing surface will almost certainly help in improving your productivity and comfort in using your mouse.

Before we proceed to the meat and potatoes section of this review, I am very sure that all of you are asking, "Hey, the Ratpadz was out for ages. Its like.... old. Why even bother?" Well, the answer to that supposed question is that here in Malaysia, quality mousing surfaces from the likes of the Ratpadz, Everglide and fUnc aren't that easy to find. It was only a month or two ago that the Ratpadz finally made its way to computer accessories vendors in Malaysia. Retailing for roughly RM 80, which is equivalent to about USD 21+, the Ratpadz is considered one of the high-end accessories that one can buy.

the famous Ratpadz logo.

As most of you know, the Ratpadz is the brainchild of Kyle of [H]ardOcp fame, in response to the Everglide mousepad series. Targetted at both the casual user and the hardcore gamer, the Ratpadz has achieved worldwide fame as one of the best, if not THE best mousepad solutions ever. Another obvious comment that I will make is that the Ratpadz is HUGE. It measures 9.5 inches tall X 11.5 inches wide. This pad takes up some serious desktop real estate.

see how small my mouse looks, the Ratpadz is one big bugger.

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