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Stomp Inc RecordNow MAX CD/DVD Recording Software
review by David, 12 May 2002


CDWriters have become a must-have in most computer users' systems in recent months, what with the prices of CDWriters dropping like a rock. I can still remember buying my old 12x Aopen CDRW for roughly RM 500+ not 10 months ago, and recently I got myself a Liteon 24x CDRW for RM 320 recently. With the CDRWs I owned, I have a choice of CD writing software to use, the two most popular being from Nero and Roxio, either of which are usually bundled with boxed retail CDRW packages. For the user who gets an OEM CDRW, which usually doesn't come with any software, there are freeware alternatives such as FireBurner. Now, users can add another piece of software to the mix to choose from. A company known as Stomp Inc has stepped up with their own offering into the CDRW software market with RecordNow MAX.

About Stomp Inc.

Founded in 1996 by Mike Hummel and Ken Holowatch, Stomp Inc. has become a leader in CDR software and computer accessories industry. The first CD recording software made available from Stomp Inc was 'Click 'n Burn'. In early 2001, Stomp Inc introduced it's first computer accessory, DiscSavers, the next generation of jewel cases. Since it's inception, Stomp Inc has increased it's market share significantly, and its products are quickly becoming household names. Stomp Inc is a privately held company with product distribution seen throughout the globe, including North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

The Package

The box looks spiffy, with large captions proclaiming that RecordNow MAX is the first choice of HP and IBM. Hmm. On the front of the box you can see the most important features of the software, which are burning/copying to CD/DVD; data, music and video; unlimited MP3 ripping; while being flexible, powerful and easy to use. We'll see if the software lives up to it's claims later.

The contents of the box include a largish manual, and the software CD in a jewel case. The manual is very detailed and well written. Instructions to perform a given task are explained step by step in easy to understand english, along with the relevant screenshots. A very impressive package.

Lets see what the requirements are for the software, as well as the feature listing.

Requirements & Feature List >>

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