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Most anyone would agree, 17" monitors are fast becoming the mnimum size for all computer systems nowadays, replacing the 15" monitor. Sure, a lot of others might say that 19" monitors instead are becoming the norm, but try hefting one of those around, and you will definitely agree that a 17" monitor has just the right blend of convenience and desktop real-estate available.

Another issue to mention when selecting a monitor is whether or not it is a flat screen monitor. As much as flat screen monitors are becoming the rage, the non-flat screen range of monitors available cater more towards the budget minded, whereas the flat screen monitors cater for the power users and whose wallets can absorb the extra strain.

This is where Samtron monitors come into the picture. An OEM version of Samsung monitors relabelled with the Samtron brand, they are affordable and provide the same quality that Samsung monitors have to offer. The 17" non-flat version, the Samtron 76E, costs about RM 540-550 (USD 142-144) in most shops here in Kuala Lumpur, while offering a 1 year warranty. The Samsung monitor of an equivalent size and design costs RM 50 (USD13) more on average, while offering a 3 year warranty.

Whats in the Package

The monitor comes in a huge box, measuring 53.4cm x 55.2cm x 46.7cm (21.02" x 21.73" x 18.39"), but not that huge that it causes trouble carrying it back to the car. Inside the box was:

  • Power Cord
  • Stand
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • Warranty card (Not available in all locations)
  • User's Guide and Driver Installation CD

The quick setup guide was actually a small booklet, coming in 7 different languages, and was pretty detailed in its contents, from unpacking the monitor and setting it up to installing the proper monitor driver and selecting the correct refresh rate.The power cord for the monitor goes from your monitor to the PSU of your PC. Some say that plugging the monitor power through your computer's PSU will cause instability, and therefore suggest plugging your monitor's power cord straight into the main power socket instead. I personally have had no problems with my monitor getting its power from my PSU, so there it stays. I didn't get a warranty card, but my warranty will be from my retailer instead. No problems there either. The Driver CD came with drivers for Win9x/Me/2000 operating systems, as well as Linux too. Also on the CD is a HTML-based manual, again very detailed and also coming in 7 languages.

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