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Sunbeam 4" Cold Cathode Kit
review by David, 31 October 2002


We've had the opportunity to check out Sunbeam Tech's products before, namely their Dual Cold Cathode Kit and their Multicolor Cold Cathode Kit. Thus far, Sunbeam's quality hasn't disappointed, though a few glitches with a faulty inverter plagued a batch or two of CCFL shipments to a few online retailers. To their credit, the fiasco was cleared up very quickly, and since then, their products rival many similarly designed kits, at decent prices.

Today, we check out a small addition to their line, a 4 inch cold cathode kit.

The kit includes the usual:

  • 4" cold cathode
  • Inverter (dual cold cathode capable)
  • Misc. velcro strips and switch cutout template
  • Rocker switch, molex wires

Lets take a closer look at the kit itself.

A Closer Look >>

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