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Senfu Nickel Coated Copper Coolers : 18-Fin & 26-Fin
review by terion, 24 November 2001


Senfu is more known for their watercooling products as well as their Tech Station, a rack of sorts to put your entire system, as well as their Temperature probe, which was very similar to the Compunurse of fame.

I was surprised when Danny from Overclockers Paradise asked me if I would like to review two heatsinks from Senfu, which are actually copper coolers, but coated with nickel on the outside. Initially, I had obtained beta versions of the coolers from Danny, but not long after, Danny told me to scrap reviewing those and instead review the final shipping versions of the two Senfu heatsinks.


The final shipping versions are packaged similarly, using nice transparent plastic containers. In fact, both heatsinks are basically the same, the only difference being that the one rated for 1.7GHz has 18 fins ( the one on the left in the above pics), , and the one rated for 2GHz has 26 fins ( the one on the right). The final products also came with some extras in the box, which we'll be checking into shortly.

We'll be pitting these two coolers against each other, as well as throwing the Powercooler PCH137 in for comparison's sake.

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