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review by david, 9 August 2001


Copper heatsinks are very much the rage nowadays, more for the heat conducting properties of copper, as well as its general good looks. Many of the famous copper heatsinks include the Kanie Hedgehog, Thermalright SK6 and the Globalwin CAK38, as well as the funky copper offerings from Zalman Technologies.

A contender which isn't that famous, coming from Akasa (Taiwan) Corp. and Lapicon Electronics Ltd, the Akasa Silver Mountain, which looks like a heavy duty heatsink covered in chrome, but is actually a copper heatsink plated with silver.

Lapicon Electronics Ltd. is part of the Akasa Group. The Akasa Group comprises of Akasa (Taiwan) Corp. and Lapicon Electronics Ltd. The former is based in Taipei, Taiwan and the latter in West London, UK. The Group has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China.

Why silver plate the copper heatsink? More to do with the design of the heatsink, it's pin fin structure is a result of the pin fins mounted onto the copper base of the heatsink itself. The junction at where the pins contact with the base doesn't offer the best heat conduction, therefore the silver plating was designed to help address that shortfall, where the silver plating covers up and fills in whatever gaps there may be between the heatsink base and its fins. This allows for better conduction of heat, and thus allowing the heatsink to perform more consistently. This lack of optimum surface contact area was a big problem with the Kanie Hedgehog 238M, where performance of the heatsink sometimes differed greatly from sample to sample.


  • Supports AMD Athlon 1.7GHz
  • Pure Copper Heatsink with Silver Plating
  • Powerful Delta High-Speed Ball Bearing Fan
  • Fan Rated Speed 6,800 R.P.M.
  • Fan Air Flow 37.6 CFM
  • Fan Noise 46.5 dB(A)
  • DIM 60 X 60 X 55.4 mm

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