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review by David, 31 October 2003


Having a proper cooling solution for your overclocked lean, mean gaming machine is pretty much one of the most important aspects for the overclocker and computer enthusiast. Thermalright Inc has been one of the top aircooling solution providers for enthusiasts ever since the famous SK-6 was unleashed onto the market. Followed up by multiple variants on the same basic design, enthusiasts were greeted with the likes of the SK-7, AX-7 and the SLK-800, just to name a few. While a great many enthusiasts have switched over to watercooling for their overclocking endeavours, Thermalright Inc's products are also considered among the best you can get if you're sticking to air-cooling your hot silicon.

The guys at Thermalright Inc sent over their SLK900-U, which boasts compatibility for both AMD and Intel P4 systems, as well as allowing the use of 70mm, 80mm and 92mm fans to provide the airflow for cooling.


  • All copper design for maximum performance
  • Soldered fins to base to ensure effective contact
  • 92mm stock fan for more cooling capability
  • Screws through motherboard mounting for LAN party
  • Both AMD socket A and Intel socket-478 compatible



  • L99 x W59 x H45 (mm) Top, without fan
  • L67 x W81 x H45 (mm) Bottom, without fan


  • 570g (heat sink only; for AMD)
  • 587g (heat sink only; for Intel)

Lets take a look at what's in the box.

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