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CDU4811 Sony 48x IDE CDROM drive
by david, 31 March 2001


CDROMs are one of the more easily overlooked components in a PC. Nowadays, you can't see any CDROMs advertising speeds of less that 40x. Well, actually, they're getting harder to find, as IF anyone would want to buy a slow CDROM The norm nowadays is to see 45x-50x drives on the Malaysian market. Drives sporting the 52x speed are getting increasingly common too. Unfortunately due to certain issues and whatnot (can anyone tell me why?) , we also do not get the opportunity to buy from famous names such as the Kenwood True series. So we have to make do with a choice of other brands e.g. ASUS, Sony, Aopen, Lite-On and Compro.

A company known more for products like walkmans, discmans and kick-ass audio products, Sony has branched out into the PC hardware market. Not surprisingly, their products e.g. CDROMs, CDRW drives and so on are quite well received by the public. Quite a number of systems sport Sony CDROMs or CDRW drives, which offer good quality products at prices that won;t hurt your wallet.

The review 48x CDROM unit was obtained as a replacement drive for a friend, whose previous cheapy CDROM had decided to kick the bucket by blowing up when running a pirated(!) CD. No surprise there, since pirated stuff IS easily available here but are of lousy quality. What do you expect to get for a RM10 (USD 3) CD? The Sony drive itself was actually quite cheap, RM 120, thereabouts. That would equate to roughly USD 31+.

The Package

The CDROM drive was bought as an OEM product, therefore nothing but the drive was supplied. No IDE cable, no cd-audio cable, , no extra screws, no driver disks, nothing. Why do I mention driver disks? I do know that my ASUS 45x cdrom came with a driver disk. Other drives e.g. the Aopen and CyberDrive CDROMs also come with DOS driver disks. As with all other regular CDROMs, this unit is of the tray-loading type. The CDROM also can read CDs that are inserted into it when the drive is in the vertical position. Quite useful when you need to install some drivers off a CD and your mid-ATX is lying on its side, though this isn't a situation that occurs everyday.


Easy as 1-2-3. Open up your case, locate an empty 5 1/4" drive bay and slide this baby in. Screw her up tight, connect the necessary IDE cable, cd-audio cable (if you have a spare), and molex connector for power, and you're all set. Power up the computer, the BIOS detects the CDROM with no problems. Same thing in Windows. Smooth sailing all the way. As with all CDROMs in Windows based systems, drivers weren't needed during installation.

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