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Vantec Spectrum UV Fans
article by David, 25 September 2003


Without the surge in modding interest, you wouldn't have people finding more and more ways to make their computer case and/or components more attractive or unique compared to others. One such component which benefited from the case-modding craze is the plain old case fan. Now, not only do case fans provide for cooling, they also come in various shapes, sizes and colors to aid in sprucing up your plain old computer system. One such type of fan would be the UV fan which are basically fans made out of UV reactive material. You can find UV fans just about anywhere. Online stores are usually the best places to find them. If you're lucky, your local retail computer store mgiht carry some.

Vantec recently launched their line of Spectrum UV fans for the modding community, coming in four colours: clear, blue, green and orange. Unfortunately, Vantec only makes these in 80mm only at the moment.


Running off the 12V line, these fans are rated to push 39 CFM, with an amperage of 0.20A. 34 dBA of noise is pretty silent as well.

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