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LI Utilities SpeedUpMyPC
review by David, 24 May 2003


Being geeks, we often spend time optimizing our computer systems, both from the hardware and the software perspective. While most of the tasks we usually do are simple in nature, actually getting those tasks done can be a tough nut to crack for the non-geeks, as it were.

LI Utilities SpeedUpMyPC is a software package that aims to take the hard work out of optimising your system, and allow the user to start the optimizing with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

About LIUtilities

Ripped from LIUtilities website: " LIUtilities was founded in 1999 by a small group of IT professionals with the goal of creating a complete solution for remote support. After nearly three years of development and a large number of smaller projects, we are now about to release our enterprise series of support tools, which radically change and improve tech support in larger corporate, academic and government computing environments."


The feature set is pretty impressive, as LI Utilities has concentrated on a fw of the most important areas where optimization would be best felt and appreciated.

User Interface
Very intuitive design with easy to understand icons, names and tooltips
Easy to use realtime graphs and resource limits for automatic resource management
Realtime CPU, Memory and Internet usage shown in traybar icon

Memory Optimization
Monitor RAM and page file usage in realtime
Free up RAM with a single click or by pressing the RAM recovery quick keys
Set limits for automatic RAM recovery and page file alerts to avoid running out of resources

CPU Optimization
Monitor CPU usage in realtime
Assign more CPU resources to demanding applications such as games and mpeg decoders
Make servers and other tasks run in the background using a minimum of resources
Automatically assign more resources to Windows in critical situations to prevent crashes

Internet Optimization
Monitor you internet usage in realtime
Optimize your internet connection settings for maximum performance
Optimize your browser settings to improve loading speed
Test you internet connection and detect you current internet speed at any time

Startup Optimization
Monitor startup times using the startup log
Remove unnecessary background tasks to improve startup speeds and free up resources
Automatically optimize your startup settings using our extensive task database

AntiCrash Features
Recover from crashes and terminate misbehaving applications instantly
Define your own quick keys for activating the crash recovery function at any time


  • Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP
  • 10MB free disk space
  • 32MB RAM
  • Pentium 400MHz and higher

The minimum specifications of the software give an indication of what I think the best group of computer users that would find SpeedUpMyPC the most useful. The latest computers are already quite fast, and as such, any optimization would be felt on a lesser scale as compared to if the optimization was done on an older platform.

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